Nintendo Unleaves Us! A Fan Is Making His Own Metroid 64

Nintendo Unleaves Us! A Fan Is Making His Own Metroid 64 ...

In the midst of the N64 era, the Metroid series dwindled, but Nintendo wasn''t/willing to release a single home console game between the success of the SNES Super Metroid in 1994 and the GameCubes Metroid Prime in 2002. So a fan is returning in time to make one.

...the first comments under a post like this are never about the idea or quality of the project. They are about a worry of Nintendos lawyers.


Luto Akino, who by day works as a programor and indie developer, has begun articulating his vision for what an N64 Metroid game might/should have been.

Here''s a brief example of Samus, showing him laying around and doing some shooting:

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Here''s a rough scene showing what the morph ball looks like with 64-bit sensibilities:

Here''s a look at how the target system works:

As you may be certain, this is a bit tricky. Samus is slapping around and shooting for a bit, making this more of a tech demo than a look at anything approaching a game. However, Luto is serious about the whole thing, and continues to work on it, even going so far as to design a plot for the subject.

Metroid 64

The cargo ship Gemini-502-86, which is carrying a valuable cargo of minerals and rocks, is escorted by Samus Aran and a squadron of the Galactic Federation, all of which goes well until someone destroys the ship, which is forced them to land on an unhospitable and unknown planet, only to discover themselves ambushed by a large force of space pirates who planned them in advance.

Samus is fought wildly for her life with the crew in a large cloud of harmful gases which was emitted by the Geminis explosion and surrounded by enemies in all directions. But just when everything looks lost, a second explosion from the Gemini''s wreckage opens the surface of the alien planet, taking Samus with it and saving her life simultaneously.

After a long fall and a few minutes of unconsciousness, Samus wakes up alone, wounded and without any communication deep in the subway channels of the planet. Now, Samus will have to look for her companions and survivors of the Gemini-502-86, while at the same time discovering the illogical plans of the space pirates in the alien planet...

Who knows what will happen, or maybe hell finish the game one day and have the entire thing ruined by Nintendos lawyers. But once you see that blocky Samus wandering around and shooting in that N64 style, you can almost convince yourself that this was actually a game you played in 1997 and just somehow forgot about for all of this time, or something that was canceled in 1996, but the only surviving record of it is a blurry VHS footage.