Julia's second season: Is it renewed or canceled on HBO Max? Premiere date discussion

Julia's second season: Is it renewed or canceled on HBO Max? Premiere date discussion ...

Is the season 1 of today''s HBO Max finale likely to happen? Or, are we at the end of the road?

We do not want to keep you waiting, so let''s go ahead and say that the Julia Child series will come to an end! Sarah Lancashire is an award-winning chef and this entire show is very much about celebrating food and also celebrating each other. There''s so much to love, and we appreciate that the season 2 has already been ordered.

Let''s now share some of what people had to say about this decision.

JuliaChild, the producers of HBO Max, is a welcome balm. In a dark world, she is a welcome balm. Making this show has done the same for us. It allowed us to express the simple story of a group of wonderful, oddball, passionate individuals who have committed to living their lives joyfully. That we get to keep them alive for another season makes us the happiest of all time. We are already working hard.

Sarah Aubrey, the director of HBO Max''s groundbreaking production, welcomed us into the life ofJuliaChild, a trailblazer, who, among her many accomplishments, redefined the possibilities of public television and, in turn, incorporated French cuisine and culture into American living rooms. We are grateful to our creative team, led by Chris Keyser and Daniel Goldfarb, and who welcomed us all with a huge amount of warmth and charm.JULIA is the perfect program for this moment,

Odds are, youre will be waiting for a good while. We dont anticipate it back until next year, but really, it comes down to when the story is perfect we don''t believe there''s any need to rush any of this stuff along.

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