Mankey is drawn on a Red and Blue Sprites inspired by a Pokemon fan

Mankey is drawn on a Red and Blue Sprites inspired by a Pokemon fan ...

The first 151 Pokemon were introduced to the game and their players dwindled into the Kanto area. Each creature was represented by a sprite, giving players their first impression of these Pokemon in their 2D world. These designs were created in pixelated form but one Pokemon fan decided to change that look.

Pokemon Red and Blue were first introduced in North America in 1998 and were part of the first installments of the Pokemon video game series. Mankey is labeled as the 56th Pokemon and evolves into Primeape at level 28.

This impressive time-lapse comes from u/thefairyisdead, and it transforms a memorable sprite from the first generation into an impressive painting. This short 30 second long timelapse shows exactly how this artist took the original sprite and created it a bit more realistic. In this time-lapse, they sketch out the curled tail, the three-fingered feet, as well as the nose and eyes. This works does well to smooth the original design''s edges.

The original design of this Fighting-type Pokemon is quite pixelated, with just the rough shape and minor details visible. This fan was completely round the edges that the original technology was incapable of accomplishing and conveying exactly what the original design implied. They do not list exactly what they used to recreate this Mankey, but they did make sure to show the color palette with which they worked.

Although this Mankey design didn''t last long, it remains a nostalgic arrangement for those who took the Pokemon Red and Blue to the game.

The limitations of the technology at the time characterized this Mankey as a ball with limbs. Other generations commended the Pokemon''s hair and aggressiveness. Either way, this Pokemon fan suited one of the original attempts for a memorable Fighting-type Pokemon.