With a Grogu And Groot crossover, James Gunn celebrated Star Wars Day, and now I want it to be real

With a Grogu And Groot crossover, James Gunn celebrated Star Wars Day, and now I want it to be real ...

Could a Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Wars crossover ever happen? The answer to that question is yes. Both franchises have a shared history between the two, with Marvel having published hundreds of Star Wars comics. At least for now director James Gunn is sharing video imagining a meeting between Baby Groot and Grogu, who plays the role of baby Yoda in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

While the special fan event was celebrated in many different ways from toys sales to Lucasfilm making a brand new Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer, James Gunn decided to throw the special date on his Twitter timeline. Enjoy the cuteness below:

pic.twitter.com/N8KIkVTjC4May 4, 2022 #MayThe4thBeWithYou

While both Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars have some pretty iconic soundtracks, the song selection might seem odd, but my view is that whoever created the video went with "Practice" by DaBaby as a connection to the "Baby" Yoda and "Baby" Groot thing. I might be meeting it more than halfway.

I''m not sure that this character interaction would be quite as described in the video. I think that grabbing out of the pot and scattering all of the food would not incite the tiny green alien to respond by throwing his hands out and dancing. Instead, I might see Grogu, on the other hand, launching fire with whatever massive gun he has in his hands.

The meeting of Groot and Grogu is a darker imagining than what''s described, but on the one hand, you''re feeling pleasure.

Fans of Groot and Grogu will be able to see more of James Gunn''s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but also in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (where he will seemingly have a new appearance), the Disney+ original short series I Am Groot, and Taika Waititi''s Thor: Love And Thunder. In our Upcoming Marvel Movies and Upcoming Marvel TV Guides, you can keep an eye on all of these issues.

Grogu is expected to return to Season 3 of The Mandalorian, but that show hasn''t had a return date. Here''s a look at all of the Star Wars projects you''re currently working on.