Season 2 of Call Me Kat: Was this the series finale? The Paris reveal

Season 2 of Call Me Kat: Was this the series finale? The Paris reveal ...

Tonight, theCall Me Katseason 2 finale aired on Fox, and there were a couple of major twists and turns along the way. We also saw Kat and Max conclude the season, but is this also the season''s final day?

There was a line in the finale (see you in a few months) that would likely leave some viewers feeling confident that the program will return, but don''t consider it as a clear indication that it will happen for the time being. Instead, we might be waiting for another week or two to learn what Fox intends to do. Plus, the line in the episode was more of the writers presenting hope for the future, although it would still be relevant to the characters even if the show was cancelled.

If, however, all we do enjoy about the ending of the show is that they allowed it to be a fairly-solid finish. Remember thatCall Me Katis is also based on the British comedyMirandaand, and in general, British shows do not have to have long periods.

We conclude by saying that this season will have a lot to be happy about. The whole purpose of a show like this is to make people laugh and/or brighten their day a little bit. When it comes to that first and foremost, we do believe it is a success without doubt. There are so many things that were satisfied with when it comes to the finale and now, we must just look forward to the future.

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