The Doctor Strange 2 Cameo by Bruce Campbell, Explained

The Doctor Strange 2 Cameo by Bruce Campbell, Explained ...

Sam Raimis, the legendary director of Doctor Stange in the Multiverse of Madness, has returned to superhero films, so that''s only for him to be a regular collaborator.

Bruce Campbell has been playing in several directors films, including the original Spider-Man trilogy, since Staring in Raimis 1981. Doctor Strange 2 is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What exactly is he doing in the movie?

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Bruce Campbell appears twice: first when Strange and America Chavez enter a new multiverse to escape the Scarlett Witch, and second post-credits scene.

Campbell is a street vendor selling pizza balls. Chavez sends a portion of these balls to Strange that, in most universes, food is completely free.

After stating this, Campbells character confronts Chavez and Strange, demanding compensation for the meal. He argues back and forth with Chavez before Strange steps in to calm him down. Having enough of the conversation Strange demonstrates the ability to force him to repeatedly punch himself in the face. Chavez asks How long the spell will last to which the Sorcerer responds, saying it might take a couple of weeks.

In the post-credits scene, we travel back to Campbell still sitting in his food stand, touching himself in the face before suddenly it stops. After taking a second to confirm, Campbell steps down the camera and says it''s finally over, not only about the spell, but also refering to the film.