In Doctor Strange 2, what is White Vision?

In Doctor Strange 2, what is White Vision? ...

Wanda Maximoff is often linked to Vision. So, given the roles of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you may wonder: Is White Vision the future?

Fans of the Disney Pluss WandaVision saw a version of Vision last week, despite the fact that the television series left the characters'' fate open for interpretation.

Now that Doctor Strange 2 is available to see, here are a few things we know about White Vision and where he appears in the film.

While Vision still has a presence in the MCU, the character does not appear in Doctor Strange 2. The film also does not provide further information on his whereabouts since returning to WandaVision, where White Vision sat in the skies of Westview.

By looking at White Vision from Marvel Comics, we may conceive why the character didnt assist nor appear in the Doctor Strange sequel. With the Mind Stone, stone Vision is simply a robot that lacks sense. This is because the character has no drive or reason to return to Wanda or help her, but rather has figured out his own desire to find meaning.

Given the characters'' abrupt departure from Westview, it''s probable this is not the last weve seen of White Vision, although it''s unclear when he will make a return.