Season 9 of The Blacklist: What is Samar's return in the series 19?

Season 9 of The Blacklist: What is Samar's return in the series 19? ...

As we prepare for the Blacklistseason 9 episode 19 on NBC tomorrow night, we know that there are a lot of fantastic stuff around the bend.

The only thing worth discussing ahead of time is the return of Samar. In a few years, we haven''t seen Mozhan Marno, but since she was announced, weve wondered how her return might be successful.

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Given that tomorrow''s The Bear Mask will feature Aram going to great lengths to gain some sort of inner peace, we almost wondered if Samar was going to come back in a psychedelic perspective. However, the photo below (via Entertainment Weekly) indicates that she was feeling like she may actually be coming back in the flesh! It would be a surprise given that she went into hiding, and she was suffering from aphasia the last time we saw her. However, if Amir Arisons'' character

In revealing more about the characters returning, here''s what showrunner John Eisendrath had to say about the aforementioned website:

Samar was for a long time an emotional component for the show and, particularly, for Aram. Having her back was both a reminder of how important she was to the series and still is for Aram. This episode in which Aram searches his soul for answers about the type of person he wants to be. It is only fitting that in a search like Samar plays a crucial role.