This is the zodiac sign from each of the BTS members

This is the zodiac sign from each of the BTS members ...

At this point, BTS has become synonymous with stardom. Back in 2013, the all-boy Korean pop band has refused to give it back since. Every time we think there is no way we can fall more in love with them, they release a new song, a new music video, or simply let their authenticity shine in a social media live-stream.

Every one seems to have their favorite BTS member. What exactly do their zodiac signs differ from their peers? Lets look at each BTS member zodiac sign to see what we can discover.

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J-Hope is a distinctly positive personality in BTS. He always seems to be surrounded by an aura of happiness. Even if he''s being silly and playing jokes with other members, you can''t help but smile along with him. In an interview with JoongAng, we would not be surprised if J-Hope was born to shine.

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Suga is often viewed as a sponge for love, according to his fellow members. He''s cool, opinionated, and can sometimes play coy at the end of the day, although Pisces prefer to stay in bed as well. On the other hand, he is a lot of adept at being compassionate and compassionate. Suga also believes that Suga is perfect when it comes to achieving success.

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Virgos are known for their ability to be adept and level-headed. Jungkook is the epitome of those qualities. He is the youngest member of BTS, but he does not let that hinder him from taking charge. Virgos are often known for their ability to sand and worry. They are also well-known for their ability to be adamant. Jungkook is also a fan of the internet.

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RM was born on September 12, making him a Virgo. Virgos are known to be hard workers and perfectionists, which is why RM is considered the leader of BTS. His zodiac sign also explains his musical genius Virgos.

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Jimin is an unusual and shabby character, indicating that his abilities are infectious, which makes sense because Libras are social butterflies. It makes sense that Jimin is always available to lend an ear, according to fellow BTS members. Since Libras have an affinity for creating harmony and seeing justice in the world, it makes sense that Jimin would be altruistic, having donated to charitable organizations on many occasions.

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Jin might be the oldest member of BTS, but his zodiac sign explains why hes often seen as the baby of the group. Sagittarians are known to be shy and quiet, according to his group-mates, which is characteristic of a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are also known for their sense of adventure, which is likely why he is always popular for challenging himself musically.

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V is a group-mate, but only Capricorn is a group. Capricorns are known to be aggressive and hardworking, which is certainly true of V. Hes also known for his sense of humor, which is common in a Capricorn, but he is also known for his kind of humor, which is likely to reason V is always cracking jokes and letting other people laugh. Capricorns are also known for their loyalty, which we have no doubt applies to V.