In Lost Ark, can you add friends cross-server? Answered

In Lost Ark, can you add friends cross-server? Answered ...

The Lost Arks in-game server is narrative in its execution, rather than having players create a set of characters that can drop in and out of the games separately servers as they please, so players must make a roster full of characters to a single server, playing exclusively on the server for long periods.

If they wish to interact with a different server, or if their friends happen to play in it, they would need to start over from scratch with new characters. Although this option isn''t viable for players who want to participate in end-game activities with their end-game characters, many prefer to design themselves to a single server, often playing the game as a result.

Adding friends cross-server: A world apart

How does this design choice affect friends who just wish to enjoy Lost Ark together? Beyond a few matchmaking methods, their options for cooperative play are quite limited.

Over the games servers, players may not add one-another to their friends lists. As every unique name for a character in Lost Ark is inscribed to the server in which it is applied, the primary method of transferring friends through typing their character name is impossible to use for this purpose. For example, the name Thirainfan56 may be used for a character in Aldebaran, but attempts to search for this character in Rohendel will yield zero results.

This makes playing the game from different servers unfavorable, however. Events and activities that stoop players together in matchmaking lobbies can, in effect, enclose players from across the game. Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Cube instances, and Boss Rush sessions allow the player-base to mingle freely, albeit without the possibility to add one-on-one to friends lists afterwards.