Is Diany Rodriguez a member of The Blacklist? Is She Weecha rightfully dead?

Is Diany Rodriguez a member of The Blacklist? Is She Weecha rightfully dead? ...

TonightsThe Blacklistseason 9 episode 20 triggered a slew of chaos from start to finish, and as such, a shocking final revelation.

What did we learn? Not only is Marvin Gerard the person responsible for tying Reddington and having Liz Keen murdered, but hes also threatening the life of Mierce, one of the people James Spaders'' most passionate about. It seemed like weecha may end up infected with her.

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Weecha''s fate felt certainly unclear in the closing seconds of tonight''s episode. We''re hopeful, but we must remember that this entire ordeal might stifle Raymond greatly. Given that he shot Harris and then left him in a makeshift prison while an ambulance picked him up. He did not intend to discourage Weecha from coming along with the next phase of the plan, but that he could have avoided all of this year''s actions. However, he could have left everything alone and not contemplat

If there is a mistake Marvin made in all of this, it is underestimating Reddingtons pain. Because of that, there are so many different incidents that are likely coming, and there is a good possibility that Reddingtons own lawyer could get the best of him. Weecha, however, were also concerned who might be dead following all of this.

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