As a result of online racism, Alexandra Daddario assists Leah Jeffries' Percy Jackson in casting

As a result of online racism, Alexandra Daddario assists Leah Jeffries' Percy Jackson in casting ...

There was inevitably a backlash when Disney announced the cast for their brand new Percy Jackson series. Most of that was aimed at one cast member, particularly for some harsh reasons. Alexandra Daddario, a person closest to the Percy Jackson IP, has spoken out.

The main character, Percy Jackson, along with his two closest friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, is played by a Golden Trio in the Percy Jackson series. By far, the most controversy has been centered around Annabeth, Leah Jeffries.

Daddario played Annabeth in the first adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It was her huge break into the film industry, making her into a star. This seems especially true now that the casting of Jeffries for the Percy Jackson series has been so much criticized. However, those who were concerned about Daddario''s full-fledged support should no longer be concerned. In a simple tweet, Daddario expresses her deep-fledged support. What may have caused this

Annabeth''s character is portrayed as white in the original Percy Jackson books; Daddario is also white. Jeffries is however, Black. Many fans are concerned about this choice, although people in the series have called out the racism. Jeffries, who is only 12, has even caused her TikTok account to be shut down.

Rick Riordan, the creator of the Percy Jackson books, has also expressed his support and called for removing internet prejudice. On May 10, he published an entire blog post entitled "Leah Jeffries is Annabeth Chase" in which he advises supporters to refrain from bullying the child actress, and how criticism related to her race is, indeed, racist. Riordan is adamant that this group of actors will do the best possible job in bringing these characters to life, and that fans should be happy.

Filming for Percy Jackson and the Olympians will begin in Vancouver in June of 2022. However, there is no release date yet, so Disney Plus may air in early 2023.