A Game of Thrones stunt performer files a lawsuit against a negligent performer for a fire heinous during the Battle of Winterfell

A Game of Thrones stunt performer files a lawsuit against a negligent performer for a fire heinous d ...

The HBO series has become known for its huge war displays, which consistently provided some of the best action that fantasy action had to offer. Well, apparently the old adage, no pain, no gain, holds up, as a former stunt performer is currently suing the production team for injuries sustained during filming.

Casey Michaels, who worked on the Game of Thrones set for the eighth and final season, was drafted back in 2018 and ended the highly-acclaimed series on a sour note for many fans. According to the plaintiffs, the incident occurred while shooting footage for The Long Night, which begins when the Battle for Winterfell takes place, and the Night King and the army of the dead are defeated by Arya Stark.

According to court records, Michaels suffered a severe fracture-dislocation to her left ankle in January 2021, requiring compensation for around $5 million, and unless parties reach a settlement, a court will likely hear the case again in the summer. Fire & Blood Productions, a corporation founded by HBO, is accused of using a compromised box rig that stunt performers to build a scene on the walls of the Stark''s Winterfell castle, before jumping or dropping from a 12-foot-high roof

Michaels, the daughter of Wayne Michaels (Goldeneye) and Tracey Eddon (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi), has since had several operations on the affected foot, as well as physiotherapy, but is still unable to perform the stunt as instructed by the stunt coordinator, according to her lawyers. At the time of writing, neither Michaels'' legal team nor HBO had commented on the matter.

Stunt actors are a vital part of the film industry, and they often go unnoticed by many, although they often face serious threats that result in their tragic deaths. Besides Alec Baldwin''s Rust tragedy, Top Gun, Deadpool 2, and The Walking Dead have all claimed the lives of stunt enthusiasts.

The Long Night is up 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the series'' lowest scores, and at the time was criticized for its horrifying situations. Game of Thrones last season was heavily mocked by fans, but even franchise director and Elden Ring writer George R. Martin had his flaws with it.

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