In horror movies, there are five seemingly unpredictable plot twists

In horror movies, there are five seemingly unpredictable plot twists ...

These are very impressive, engaging, and unpredictable moments that take the viewers'' breath away and make them question everything they have just happened. There are often humorous plot twists that require rewatching the film, making them look for clues and puzzle pieces.

As such, horror fans may be wary of their own specific plot tone, but there are a few films that stick out as having huge figures that are really, really difficult to guess.

As her pregnancy continues in the classic horror film Rosemary''s Baby, Rosemary can tell that the couple in her apartment building is a bit creepy and off. However, she has no clue that the couple is part of a demonic cult. The final scene is disturbing as Mia gives birth to her baby whom she discovers is the son of Satan.

Rosemary''s Baby is experiencing dread throughout the whole film, and the twist ending is one of the best ever. This film, which was first released in 1968, was even more exciting because it was an early horror film. It''s still an incredible well-crafted film that hasn''t yet been used to wild endings or big plot twists.

Secret Window may not be considered an underrated Stephen King film, although it hasn''t been as popular as some other adaptations, but it is based on King''s novella called Secret Window, Secret Garden, and it also has a twist that no one can anticipate.

Mort Rainey, a novelist who writes mysteries and begins living in the United States because his wife Amy (Maria Bello) has affair, is shocked when John Shooter (John Turturro) arrives to his house and claims to have copied his short film called "Sowing Season." Fans learn that Mort and Shooter are the same person as Mort with dissociative identity disorder and has created "Sowing Season." This film twist is timeless and will shocked anyone who watches the film as it appears like Shooter is another writer.

If fans think that Scream 4 is the best horror film in the genre, then it''s all because of the plot twist: Jill Roberts (Neve Campbell) is Sidney Prescott''s cousin, Emma Roberts.

It''s true that in the Scream movies, anyone might be the murderer, and everyone is a suspect, but a horror trope that always works, because it creeps audiences out and makes them think about who might be the murderer. Jill behaves similarly freaked out and worried throughout the entire film, making her reveal a stunning one that still sticks with audiences.

While M. Night Shyamalan''s The Village has a strange twist, his 2015 film The Visit has a twist that anyone might never have imagined.

Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) and Becca (Olivia DeJonge) are spending time with their grandparents, Pop Pop and Nana, and begin seeing some weird things around the house. They soon realize that their grandparents are evil, frightening, and out to kill people. Becca gradually realizes that these people are not her family at all and that her grandparents are dead and these two people are killers who ran away. However, this twist is a big one, as it is shocking to see Tyler and Be

Ready Or Not is an underappreciated horror novel with a funny and awkward tone that should be the most enjoyable day of her life, or at least one. Instead, the family tells Grace that it''s time to play a hide and seek. She learns quickly that they want her dead.

It''s definitely a huge surprise that fans get to know what their family is up to, making this a stunning horror film that is unpredictable. It''s impossible to imagine people attempting to sacrifice a new bride as part of a long-held family ritual. Ready Or Not is a fantastic film in general with a hilarious ending and lots of fantastic chase scenes and heart-pounding moments.