Sony is attempting to make its games more speedunner-friendly

Sony is attempting to make its games more speedunner-friendly ...

Many individuals who play video games do this as a hobby. Others benefit from the advantage that gaming can provide. PvP competition is found in shooters such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike, as well as MOBAs such as League of Legends and DOTA 2. This is because speedrunning has always established international records. However, a straightforward way to see the best times might be a welcome experience.

Sony is now planning to make speedrunning a bit simpler on its platforms. While speedrunning is extremely popular in gaming, especially for streaming, it is also considered as something that isn''t immediately accessible for many. However, with a new Sony patent, it might be easier to get into speedrunning and for a player to record their times.

The patent also outlines the possibility of implementing a ranking system into games and clarifies that replayable activities would be competitive in nature. Basically, the patent seems to permit players of a given game to record their scores and times for a certain activity, not only permitting replayability, but also highlighting it. Considering the patent, it suggests that events may be specific rankings, similar to how some Hitman players speedrun specific levels rather than the whole game.

Sony is attempting to establish its own ranking system, implying that users should not record speedruns on third-party sites. However, as speedrunning takes place on all platforms, and a large amount of speedrunners still use older consoles to discover new exploits in games like the original Super Mario Bros, it is difficult to comprehend the scope of speedrunning.

It is likely that this Sony patent will only allow gamers to see speeding through the process. Rather than using other software to record their times and place them in a ranking system, Sony will have a different game position. This news follows another recent patent by Sony that aims to improve understanding its new hardware features.