DMCA Takedowns for Uploaded Images Makes Silent Hill Leaker Hit

DMCA Takedowns for Uploaded Images Makes Silent Hill Leaker Hit ...

The tragic status of the Silent Hill series has put a hole in people''s hearts. This time, fans have been clamoring for a new trailer, especially since Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro''s collaboration on Silent Hills had gone, leaving the titular haunting town empty. So far, no assumptions have been adequate to be legitimate, but one person might have offered up some hope.

Aesthetic Gamer AKA Dusk Golem tried to prove proof that a Silent Hill game has been in development for a while now. These four images have been removed, but the original one has been replaced by a message, which claims that their removal was because of a copyright owner.

Although there have been many Silent Hill rumors in the past, the fact that this latest leak was slammed with a DMCA crack is motivating many to believe that this might have been legitimate. Although it is a "grain of salt" situation, there is no word from Konami or any other government responsible for it, and it''s best to take the photos for what it''s worth. Due to the possibility of copyright violations, the images are available for download.

The video was removed, and the fan base has once again discussed who would be able to deliver a successful relaunch of the Silent Hill franchise. Some believe that the Layers of Fear studio Bloober Team might take the lead, but others are concerned. While The Medium received good reviews, some argue that the developer is incapable to accurately depict sensitive topics, such as mental illness.

Silent Hill is considered a top psychological horror game around, especially the 2001 sequel. A gap that fans have been hoping to fill at the moment of writing has been uncovered. There''s no way to know whether this actual leak is real or not, but there''s hope more proof will come at some point.

A Silent Hill game is believed to be in development.