Luffys 14 Funniest Moments in The Anime One Piece

Luffys 14 Funniest Moments in The Anime One Piece ...

One Piece is an action-packed adventure that follows a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams to become the Pirate King. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and is the crew''s strongest member.

Luffy is often engaging in a fun journey when he is not fighting villains or saving his friends. Unlike him, he always strives to be fun. On many occasions, Luffy has given the audience something to chuckle about. Here are some of Luffy''s most hilarious moments in One Piece.

Suzail Ahmad updated Luffy on May 13, 2022: Even in the most serious situations, he has never been altered, and the fans will be hoping that Luffy continues to be funny. Even in the current arc, Luffy has had many laughable moments. We have added some of Luffy''s funniest moments.

14 Insulting Zoro

They were dissatisfied with Zoro, who said that if the crew had not seen Vivi so much, they should have taken her by force. Zoro was chastised by Zoro, but the rest were cleared by Usopp, who said the mistake. Luffy made another attempt, and this time called Zoro "Yontoryu."

13 Impersonating Chopper

Many members were against Nico Robin as they didn''t trust her. Luffy, Chopper, and Sanji were already on board. Nami, Usopp, and Zoro decided not to be fooled by Robin, but Nami, the former member of the Baroque Works, managed to get Nami onboard by giving her jewels she had stolen from Crocodile.

This left Usopp and Zoro. Robin used her devil fruit powers on Luffy and sprang two arms on Luffy''s head. Luffy was contacted by Usopp and when the latter found out that Luffy was impersonating Chopper, it left the sniper in stitches.

12 Knocking Zoro Off The Ship

Due to his super-stretchy limbs, Luffy can longen distances by deploying himself like a rocket. He can also stretch his limbs to catch an object or a person. As a flock of birds was passing by the ship, Sanji asked Luffy to grab a few of them. As his arm was returning to its original shape, he ended up knocking Zoro off the ship and into the ocean.

11 Couldn''''t Recognize Foxy

Luffy is known for being clueless. On numerous occasions, he has shown that he is not able to recognize faces. When Sanji gets ready to attack Foxy, Luffy, who tries to talk to Foxy believing him to be Foxy, is stopped by Zoro. After his attack is blocked, Foxy discards the outfit and discloses his identity to Luffy, who is angry that he is mistaken again.

10 Imitating Sanji

Luffy is an excellent impressionist. Over the course of the series, he has done many impressions of his crew members. The first time, he did an impression of Sanji was back in the Alabasta arc when Usopp was imprisoned. Luffy imitated Sanji once more during the Skypiea arc.

9 Drinking A Glass Of Water With His Booger

The Straw Hats continued to navigate through the East Blue, but they were greeted by Baratie, a floating restaurant named Baratie. Shortly after their arrival, Luffy had a brief chat with Fullbody, and the former ended up redirecting a cannonball to the restaurant''s roof.

Luffy was left out of work as a waiter in the restaurant while the rest of the crew were enjoying the food. Being unable to eat the food humiliated Luffy, who sent a booger into Zoro''s glass of water. However, he was pleased with his decision, which resulted in his success. Zoro insisted that he provide the glass of water to him.

8 Imitating Zoro

Roronoa Zoro and Luffy have a great close connection. Despite a long journey, Luffy did not stop him from mimicking Zoro.

When Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp were looking for the rest of the crew, Luffy decided to do things with some humor. So, he imitated Zoro. He did a good job of Zoro mocking his ability to sleep at any given time.

7 Do Skeletons Poop?

Luffy isn''t a genius but it has been discovered over and over in the series. In this particular scene, Luffy asked the skeleton if he had the capacity to poop. Sanji said that there are other important questions to ask before enquiring about the skeleton''s ability to use his excretory system.

6 Pushing The Zombie Back In

One Piece''s Thriller Bark is one of the funniest scenes in the film. There are many funny moments, but the funniest one is when Luffy and his co. look at a zombie, who tried to flee his grave.

While other Straw Hats were looking at the zombie, Luffy decided to push the zombie back into his grave, but the zombie just got back up. Luffy being the dense person that he was thought the zombie was an old man with a wound.

5 Are You Bege?

Luffy is a professional fighter but is relatively flexible in understanding things. Luffy''s meeting with Capone Bege was supposed to go normally without any difficulties. When Luffy and his entourage arrived at the hideout of the Fire Tank Pirates, they had to wait for Bege to appear.

In the meantime, Luffy sought to put on a tight face and began to ask others around him if they were Bege. Firstly, he asked Chiffon if she was Bege, then he asked Pez if he was Bege. Finally, he asked everyone else if Bege was Bege. Both Nami and Chopper were embroiled in the captain''s stupidity.

4 Leaving Franky Confused

Both Luffy and Franky are joking in their own ways. For years, both of them have kept fans entertained. On Fish-Man Island, Luffy defended Franky by explaining that Tom''s brother was coating the ship, and Luffy uncovered that Franky''s brother was being coated by a shipwright.

3 Easily Convinced By Law

The Straw Hats arrived on Punk Hazard, but little knew they would meet Trafalgar Law, who had become one of the Shichibukai. Law decided to make an offer to Luffy.

Luffy apologise for asking him to form an alliance, and Robin informed her captain that pirate alliances don''t always end well, as there are a lot of betrayals. Luffy then asked Law if he would betray him, and he responded positively. Luffy was profoundly proud following Law''s reply, and once again demonstrated his clarity.

2 Unaffected By Mero Mero no Mi

Luffy ended up in Amazon Lily, where only women were inhabited. Luffy was captured by the Amazonians, who were led by Boa Hancock.

During their confrontation, Boa Hancock tried to utilize Mero Mero no Mi''s help to prate Luffy, but it did not work. However, Boa was surprised by this, but the outcome was the same. Luffy was caught hanging his head in frustration as he didn''t understand what was happening.

1 Signing Up For The Coliseum

The Straw Hats were tasked with removing Donquixote Doflamingo, a Shichibukai, in the Dressrosa arc. However, the Straw Hats had to keep their identities hidden, revealing them with disguises.

Luffy was shocked to discover that the Mera Mera no Mi was available for grabs in the Corrida Coliseum. He knew that he could not let the devil fruit fall into the wrong hands as it was his late brother, Portgas D. Ace. So, he decided to fill up the form. However, a slap from Franky brought him back to his head and he entered the competition as Lucy.