The Best Xbox Game Pass Open-World Games in May 2022

The Best Xbox Game Pass Open-World Games in May 2022 ...

Open-world games can encapsulate gaming''s best features and push them to their logical extremes, thus providing players with completely fleshed-out alternate realities as they wish, thus giving them unprecedented freedom and authority in determining their path through it.

If you happen to have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, it should come as no surprise that some of the most prolific titles in the gaming industry manifest as open-world games. So as luck would it, a large selection of these titles are at your disposal. Which world should you dive into next, then? What are the best open-world games on Xbox Game Pass? For starters, you''ll definitely want them.


Approximate Game Length 7-20 Hours
Genre Adventure
Developer Shedworks
X|S Enhanced Released on Xbox Series X/S
Xbox Game Store Sable

Sable, which was first released on September 23, 2021, follows players on a journey through discovery, side content, and vistas. Sable''s rite of passage requires her to travel to Midden in search of volunteers to assist, and she constructs an impressive bicycle along the way. Open-world games are far more complicated at the scale and scope, which can make them difficult to take on. Sable is different, because it allows players to stroll and climb at their own pace.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Approximate Game Length 30-140 Hours
Genre Flight Simulator
Developer Asobo Studio
Xbox Game Store Microsoft Flight Simulator
Available only on Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft Flight Simulator has given its first release on PC in 2020, launching the Xbox Series X/S on July 27, 2021. While it may be somewhat different, Microsoft Flight Simulator arguably represents the concept in its purest form, allowing pilots to take through Earth in its entirety. Along with shorter and more curated trips courtesy of Discovery Flights mode, Microsoft Flight Simulator allows players to select a spot and explore the world in all of its beauty.

Black Desert

Approximate Game Length 95-300 Hours
Developer Pearl Abyss
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Black Desert

MMOs tend to be a love or dislike it type of transaction, and Black Desert is certainly a divisive entry in the genre. While the story and quests suggest something to be desired, Black Desert excels in its combat and massive world. While Black Desert isn''t quite as accurate as Capcom''s franchise.

The game''s open-world is spectacular in terms of scale and appearance, and it completely embraces its sandbox structure.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Approximate Game Length 13-28 Hours
Genre Racing
Developer Criterion Games
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Burnout Paradise
Requires EA Play

Burnout Paradise''s open-world is based on an all-around fantastic franchise that produced some of the most entertaining racers in the early 2000s. It includes speed, which makes it enjoyable for players, and allowing them to stick through its streets instinctively rather than following markers.

Just Cause 4 Reloaded

Approximate Game Length 15-30 Hours
Genre Action-Adventure
Developer Avalanche Studios
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Just Cause 4 Reloaded

The Just Cause franchise has no illusions of grandeur. It just provides chaos in a destructible world, and when done right these games can be cathartic. Just Cause 4 landed with a bit of a thud as it felt like a remake of its predecessor, highlighting its more refined features. This course is a great way to experience the game''s character.

Subnautica: Below Zero

Approximate Game Length 20-35 Hours
Genre First-Person Adventure
Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store Subnautica: Below Zero

The game''s main character was added to Xbox Game Pass in September 2021, although it shakes things up by exploring the planet at its coldest.

This fresh environment brings together new biomes and creatures, as well as a greater emphasis on land exploration. Like its predecessor, Subnautica: Below Zero blends its survival and exploration with base-building, and this mechanic is just as fun as in the first game.

Edge Of Eternity

Approximate Game Length 30-45 Hours
Genre RPG
Developer Midgar Studio
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity is a fun turn-based RPG from a relatively small business, which features a wide and often beautiful open-world. Despite the fact that this game is still impressive and should appeal to old-school gamers. This is why this game, although it is still appealing for the fans.

State Of Decay 2

Approximate Game Length 15-70 Hours
Genre Zombie Survival
Developer Undead Labs
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is a game-class format that has accumulated hundreds of impressive figures, including a variety of deadly zombies. However, all of the others are positive, particularly Drucker Country and Cascade Hills.

State of Decay 2 is a game changer who is capable of resolving the challenges of existing within a post-apocalyptic town.

Halo Infinite

Approximate Game Length 10-30 Hours
Genre First-Person Shooter
Developer 343 Industries
X|S Enhanced Released on Xbox Series X/S
Xbox Game Store Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is not a traditional open-world, but a single-player game is quite linear, with story tasks often locking Master Chief out of certain parts of Zeta Halo. However, in-between the story beats, there are a few sections dedicated to free-roaming exploration. However, Halo Infinite''s single-play map is impressive considering the open-world is not the main focus of the campaign. 343 has crafted a tight first-person shooter


Approximate Game Length 50-200 Hours
Genre Sandbox
Developer Re-Logic
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Terraria

Terraria''s longevity is beyond proved by this point. Re-Logic''s action-adventure title is bringing exploration into the works, bringing players all of the world''s freedom to traverse its impressive procedurally generated sandbox map. Terraria is rich and diverse, as well as the game''s usual version, with an extremely dedicated fan base. However, Terraria comes with a number of other modes that make it challenging, resulting in wildly different experiences.


Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Survival Sandbox
Developer Mojang
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Minecraft

No game encourages freedom and exploration as much as Minecraft does. There are no limitations on what they do next as soon as players spawn into the world. Building a mansion in the forest, mining to the depths of the world, or crafting the most intricate roller coaster are all options on the table. While the game''s ability to do anything so chosen is the main advantage.

The Ascent

Approximate Game Length 12-25 Hours
Genre Top-Down RPG
Developer Neon Giant
X|S Enhanced Released on Xbox Series X/S
Xbox Game Store The Ascent

The Ascent goes against the grain. And that''s for the best since Neon Giant created a stunning cyberpunk city reminiscent of Blade Runner''s dystopia.

Veles is a living, breathing place, although its rough streets echo stories of oppression and deception. This RPG is worthwhile playing just for Veles, and it''s not the only positive in the game''s favor.

Elite Dangerous

Approximate Game Length N/A
Genre Multiplayer Space Simulation
Developer Frontier Developments
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Elite Dangerous

Although Elite Dangerous may be a strange fit here, it is more than a little bit of an understatement considering the game encases a scale replica of the Milky Way as we know it. Also, if a player tries to pilot their ship through the endless expanse of space, it is as open as the previous galaxy, whether it be a trader, a pirate, or a humble asteroid miner making their daily haul. Elite Dangerous offers an infinite opportunity in an


Approximate Game Length 6-8 Hours
Genre Adventure
Developer Gamious
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store Lake

Lake is a spectacular slice of life game that takes place in Providence Oaks, Oregon, in a quiet and warm setting. Meredith takes on a temporary job providing mail. This role is the driving force behind Lake''s gameplay loop and story; through her travels, Meredith meets familiar and new faces, learning more about the area. This indie title is also quite short for an open-world game, making it an ideal lunch experience.


Approximate Game Length 30-100 Hours
Genre Open-World RPG
Developer Bethesda Game Studios
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has long been a long-lived part of the open-world catalog, and it is likely to remain unchanged until the next chapter of Skyrim''s mainline gameplay manifests. Even today, players still wander the snowy tundra, lush forests, and decrepit dungeons of Skyrim in droves, which is no mean feat considering the base game was released in 2011, but now is as good a time as any. You may also select from an extensive selection of mods

The Good Life

Approximate Game Length 20-30 Hours
Genre Immersive RPG
Developer White Owls
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store The Good Life

The Good Life is an acquired taste. Developed by White Owls and SWERY, this unusual open-world RPG is reminiscent of Deadly Premonition games, but it has a more overtly comedic tone. Naomi is a photojournalist who starts off at Rainy Woods, an eerie city filled with quirky personalities and a deep dark secret waiting to be discovered. The Good Life blends mystery, simulation, and RPG elements, but not every part of the package gets combined seamlessly; however,

Forza Horizon 5

Approximate Game Length 20-90 Hours
Genre Racing
Developer Playground Games
X|S Enhanced Released on Xbox Series X/S
Xbox Game Store Forza Horizon 5

The Forza Horizon series, which originally originated in Mexico, has served as a reliable source for open-world racing games. Each region has its own unique appeal.

Forza Horizon 5 blends realistic visuals and an authentic world with over-the-top arcade-style gameplay, making it a sensational match.

Sea Of Thieves

Approximate Game Length 30-150 Hours
Genre Adventure
Developer Rare
X|S Enhanced Released on Xbox Series X/S
Xbox Game Store Sea of Thieves

While the game has improved by leaps and bounds since its debut, it is one of the greatest games experienced alongside a group of friends. As pirates dropped into a vast and stunning open-world, adventure is always at their beck and call as crews complete trade missions, find buried treasure and survive against a Kraken or a ghost ship.

Rage 2

Approximate Game Length 10-30 Hours
Genre First-Person Shooter
Developer Avalanche Studios, id Software
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Rage 2

Rage 2 is basically based on Doom''s gameplay and then reverses it in a post-apocalyptic open-world. If that sounds appealing, then this FPS is certainly worth a download. Thankfully, Rage 2''s gunplay is by far its most powerful feature, particularly once all of the Nanotrite powers have been unlocked. It should be noted that the combat is somewhat too broad for its own benefit and is so much fun that it makes the journey worthwhile.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Approximate Game Length 27 Hours
Genre Action-Adventure
Developer Rocksteady Studio
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham series'' open-world character is enhanced only with the Batmobile at your disposal. Although it is always fun to jump from mission to mission using only Batmans cape, the experience is enhanced by intense car action. While Batman: Arkham Knight is a fun and enjoyable game, it comes with plenty of content outside of its main campaign.

The Forgotten City

Approximate Game Length 5-10 Hours
Genre Adventure
Developer Modern Storyteller
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City started life as a mod for Skyrim before ultimately becoming its own game in the Roman Empire. The plot gives players the freedom to explore within the city''s short runtime, while also using a time loop mechanic. This 2021 release is a great success for players who want to escape in the open world for a weekend.

Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life

Approximate Game Length 30 Hours
Genre Action-Adventure
Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

The sixth installment of the famous Yakuza series features long-time fans in the sense of familial relationships. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life also provides players with a diverse open-world setting in Kamurocho, where fun is planned. Only the powerful combat mechanism that is a staple of the Yakuza franchise, which includes the final chapter of Kiryu''s story, and Yakuza 6 serves as a worthy sendoff.

Fallout: New Vegas

Approximate Game Length 70 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Bethesda
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store New Vegas

Though Fallout 4 may be more shinier, more advanced, and (perhaps) better-optimized, New Vegas is considered for a reason the crown jewel of Fallouts three-dimensional, first-person outings. With Obsidian directing the effort, the roleplaying skills that were present in Fallout 3 were polished to a mirror shine that Fallout 4 was forced to shine in succession.

The Mojave wasteland may be somewhat dated by modern standards, but the Couriers'' fateful journey after being shot and left for dead still makes for a timelessly wild adventure.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Approximate Game Length 45-100 Hours
Genre Turn-Based RPG
Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon creates a new life-changing environment for newbies who haven''t looked through the previous seven main titles. Kazuma Kiryu joins in as the protagonist to make room for the more juvenile but still likable Ichiban Kasuga. This contrast of Yakuza: Like a Dragon creates a beautiful atmosphere that will enthuse both old and new players.

7 Days To Die

Approximate Game Length 50+ Hours
Genre First-Person
Developer The Fun Pimps
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die will be available for about a decade by this point, but the gameplay is engaging. A player''s goal is to stay as long as possible in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun with zombies. A run ends, and no two playthroughs should be identical.


Approximate Game Length 25-50 Hours
Genre Action RPG
Developer Spiders
X|S Enhanced Yes
Xbox Game Store GreedFall

Spiders aren''t rated as a lack of ambition, even if the developer''s games may lose ground. Despite its open-world qualities, GreedFall is arguably the best RPG to date. Players must also engage with the locals in the encounter, making an effort to make a gentle or gentle touch.

Skate 3

Approximate Game Length 10-40 Hours
Genre Sports
Developer EA Black Box
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Skate 3
Requires EA Play

The Skate series, compared to Tony''s Hawk Pro Skater, is more like a sim, with a relatively challenging learning curve. Skate 3 is perhaps the most accessible entry in the franchise, primarily due to the introduction of an Easy mode, but the game otherwise stands apart from the fundamentals that made this property so popular.

Port Carverton is a city that loves skateboarding, and players are permitted to explore its districts as they continue to master the game''s plethora of tricks. This is an open-world game for anyone who just wants to, well, skate.

Brutal Legend

Approximate Game Length 9-20 Hours
Genre Action, Real-Time Strategy
Developer Double Fine Productions
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend, a game about a roadie who is thrust into the role of hero, takes place in a relatively medium open-world with a lot of secondary content, and the hack and slash gameplay is a lot of fun. In its second half, the campaign adopts real-time strategy elements, which can be a bit polarizing.

Outer Wilds

Approximate Game Length 15-25 Hours
Genre First-Person
Developer Mobius Digital
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Outer Wilds

When it comes to time, open-world games are typically quite indulgent, and Outer Wilds is a great representation of that, as well as the direct opposite. The protagonist, an astronaut, is trapped in a time loop that resets after 22 minutes when the sun goes supernova. During that time, the protagonist is able to explore several planets while investigating the main mystery.

Alternatively, they may go off the rails looking for more personal storylines when they meet other travelers who are just relaxing around a campfire. Outer Wilds is a unique and fantastic open-world game.

Goat Simulator

Approximate Game Length 2-10 Hours
Genre Sim
Developer Coffee Stain Studios
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store Goat Simulator

Expectations are key. Goat Simulator isn''t the most polished or deep experience on Xbox Game Pass, and a few individuals might go as far as to describe it as a novelty. Nevertheless, plenty of fun may be had if someone simply wants to mess around in a game''s world as a rampaging goat who loves to chew items and is a natural inclination to be a nuisance.

The Long Dark

Approximate Game Length 35 Hours
Genre Survival Adventure
Developer Hinterland Games
X|S Enhanced No
Xbox Game Store The Long Dark

When you look at any catalog of open-world games, survival-oriented titles are common, but The Long Dark is certainly a standout mention among them. Players must consistently battle the frigid cold and measure their bodily needs against the prospect of going onward. Although hauntingly deolate, the environments and art direction of The Long Dark make it a practical necessity.