World of Warcraft's Biggest Moments

World of Warcraft's Biggest Moments ...

World of Warcraft has been one of the most significant gaming events in history. In 2004, Blizzard released the MMORPG, which has since been the subject of huge interest from gamers and observers.

During that time, a number of events have taken place that has fundamentally altered the game. These include events planned by Blizzard himself, as well as the strange, unexpected consequences that players experienced on and offline.

Kristy Ambrose says the last couple of years have been a little rough for Blizzard, with workplace harassment allegations burying virtually any other information about the company''s games. However, the designers and developers haven''t forgotten that there is still a loyal and stubborn fanbase in World of Warcraft no matter how harmful the company has. This is a pleasantly change from the previous few years.

Classic: The Sunwell And Isle Of Quel''''Danas

This update, also known as Patch 2.4.0, added the Isle of Quel Danas as well as the final set of tweaks, fixes, and additions before Northrend opened up. This patch included a whole new area to explore and two new instances, thus it could easily be classified as a mini-expansion without a new class and race.

The Sunwell has a significant role in World of Warcraft lore, which is the source of the Bood Elves'' energy. Recent historical examples include Arthas Menethil''s attack with his undead army, and the present conflict that drives this patch, the demonic forces of Kil''jaeden.

The Corrupted Blood Incident

The Corrupted Blood Incident is one of the most common cases in World of Warcraft history and has since been used by epidemiologists in research on human behavior during outbreaks. On September 12, 2005, the ZulGurub raid was opened in Stranglethorn Vale, where ZG, as it would come to be known, had a final boss who would drain players'' life by a debuff.

This debilitant, Corrupted Blood, would pass on to any other players who were nearby regularly inflicting some of the greatest damage in the game out the time. While ZulGurub was supposed to keep the disease safe, hunters who were fired and resumed outside the raid were able to spread the disease to others.

High-end teams from Orgrimmar, Ironforge, and Stormwind were quickly overwhelmed, but players fled to the countryside to avoid others who might carry the disease. The plagues'' lack of design would be the foundation for the Wrath of the Lich King''s in 2008.

The Gates of AhnQiraj

AhnQiraj was a vanilla World of Warcraft raid released at the end of 2006, with a catch. It was on the server, but the gates in the raid were closed until a guild on the server had discovered the Scepter of the Shifting Sands.

This involved a ridiculously long series of quests that required entire guilds to collaborate on different servers, with some guilds all working completely to assist those who are more likely to succeed in the quest. At a time when the games were less driven by individual characters, such as Malfurion Stormrage making their first appearances in the MMO.

Players were faced with one of the most dangerous 40-man raids in WoW, battling insectoids and Lovecraftian horrors in the battle to the heart of the ruin. However, many players forget about the construction and community they needed to open the gates before, even if they were spending hours farming Dragonkin mobs for Green Scepter Shards.

The Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade was World of Warcraft''s first comprehensive expansion, starting the Dark Portal, and taking players to Outland for the first time. Before entering Azeroth through the Dark Portal, Outland, known as Draenor, was a fractured planet.

As top guilds scrambled to repel the demons before going to Outland itself, the game spawned a new race for each faction; Blood Elves for the Horde and Draenei for the Alliance. It kicked off with Doomguards like Highlord Kruul, who is adept at solving complexes throughout the game. Both mounts and the game''s first neutral city, Shattrath, were also introduced.

Wrath of the Lich King

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion began in 2008 with the aforementioned zombie plague, which, like all of the greatest World of Warcraft events, threw low-level players into total chaos as the undead overwhelmed Goldshire and infected players found themselves rising from the grave as ghouls.

Players from Northrend were sent to Wrath of the Lich King, and introduced the games first Hero Class, Death Knights, who had broken their links to the Lich King, started the game at level 55 out of 80. It would not until Blizzard had released Patch 3.3 in December 2009 that the Lich King himself would be included in a raid.

The first Lich King shooting was recorded on the first day that the final wing of Ice Crown Citadel was opened up to players, earning that party and those would follow during the remainder of the expansion the title of Kingslayer. However, it would be over a whole year until the next expansion, according to Cataclysm in December 2010.

The WoW subscriber count reached an all-time high in October 2010, with around 12 million users. During this time many World of Warcraft players, even those who had been playing since classic, left the game. During this time many World of Warcraft players, including those who had already purchased a new dungeon system. Blizzard also allowed players to extract random players from different servers from the main city of Dalaran.

Classic: WotLK

If the first time is significant, then maybe the second time will be twice as amazing. The release date for version 2.0 of everyone''s favorite World of Warcraft expansion has yet to be confirmed, but authorities are already predicting that the expansion will take place sometime in 2022. The release of patch 2.4.0 was a strong warning that WotLK was also incoming.

There''s already a debate about whether certain mechanics will be included, with the most prominent among them being the notorious Looking For Group (LFG). It''s true that subscriptions reached their highest level during this expansion, but that also indicates that players also started to leave not long afterward.

The Death Knight, the class that starts at an advanced level, had a rough start back in the day, with overpowered abilities and new players rushing to master a class at an advanced level. These changes, with advocates advocating that it improve operating procedures, and skeptics argue that it does too much damage to the community and transforms World of Warcraft into a lobby game.

Cataclysm to WoW Classic

With an apocalyptic makeover, WoW: Cataclysm revamped the vanilla world. Although the new quests were a lot more fun, player numbers continued to decline as new convenience measures were put in the game. Blizzard allowed players to form groups from across all servers with players they couldn''t see outside of the dungeon or raid they were in.

The Pandaren, the first neutral race that could play as either faction, was introduced to World of Warcraft. Warlords of Draenor brought players back in time to the planet before it was broken, and introduced a much-needed revamp to player character models. Battle for Azeroth was refocused on the Horde-Alliance war, and the upcoming expansion, Shadowlands, will take players to a new world entirely.

The vanilla game was reimagined for a long-awaited revamp in August 2019. WoW Classic had almost doubled between then and the start of 2020. While it would likely never reach its peak again, the Classic community reminded old fans of what made them fall in love with the series to begin with, while taking new players on the road for the first time.

The Dragonflight Expansion

The announcement has been officially made, but the public only knows a few of the details at the time of writing. As the name implies, the Dragonflight Expansion will focus on the lore of the Dragonflights, and it''s an exciting tale that reaches back into Azeroth''s ancient history.

Players may explore a new area, the Dragon Isles, a forest that has existed for years. Other new additions include the Dracthyr, which has a dragon and humanoid form and starts at level 58. Some of the themed upgrades include a customized mount, which is also a dragon, and designers have given the game some useful features like diving and rolling while in flight.

Both World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and WoW: Classic are now available on PC.