Phase Three of The Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate Raid in Final Fantasy 14: How To Beat Phase Three

Phase Three of The Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate Raid in Final Fantasy 14: How To Beat Phase Three ...

Getting to phase three of Final Fantasy 14''s Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate is difficult and worthwhile to get to. Both of the previous phases are quite challenging, but the FFXIV raid party isn''t yet completed. This is not the last phase of the final Fantasy 14 film.

The raid will take on Estinien, owned by Nidhogg. The towers require a lot of positioning. Players will want to avoid hitting as much as possible because of the fact that vulnerability stacks may spell death later on. This phase is still difficult but nevertheless has very little mechanics. These mechanics, however, are quite a lot of randomization and possibilities to strategize through.

Please follow these steps to learn how to complete the previous stages in the Dragonsong''s Reprise Ultimate Raid:

Set-Up, Nidhogg Clones, And Towers

In terms of markers, raids often use 1, 2, 3, 4, A, B, and D at the cardinals and inter-cardinals in a circle around where Nidhogg will land. Note that the walls in this arena are instant death if touched. This is because, like Thordan, his auto-attacks are cleaves.

Dive from Grace will be placed on people''s heads. The party will have markers with one, two, and three. Each marker will be marked as a "1" mark, with three "2" markers, and three "3" markers. This number will remain on players as a debuff. A player who was not killed by the specific Nidhogg clone must be the one to take the tower left behind.

Different dives will be done by Nidhogg clones: the High Jump Target, Elusive Jump Target, and Spine Shatter Dive Target. Towers are left in different directions, which is important to know, since players should select one tower to the left of him, one to the right of him, and one behind him.

These are the areas in which the markers will become extremely useful. Players will want to position themselves so that others do not get hit with their dive, but in an effort to make it easier for players to run and stand on the left-hand side.

  • High Jump Target: The clone will dive on top of the players and the tower will be placed on top of them.
  • Elusive Jump Target: The clone will place the tower behind the targeted player.
  • Spine Shatter Dive: The clone will place the tower in front of the targeted player.

Players should follow the following instructions:

  • Players marked with the number 3 take the towers left by players marked with the number 1.
  • Those marked with 1 take the towers left by the 2-marked players.
  • 2s take the towers left by 3s, but since there are only two marked two players, a player marked with one needs to also take a three tower.

The original Nidhogg is either going to cast a stack marker or Lash and Gnash or Lash. These attacks are either an in-and-out or out-and-out mechanic. So the raid party must stack and then either go in or out. There are some Nidhogg clones that will be harmed, as they will be casting line AOEs. Bait them so they face away from the party.

Towers With Pillars And Enrage

Once the AOE clones are removed, the main tank will take Nidhogg''s cleaving auto-attacks again. Drachenlance, a cone-shaped cleave, will be set up in front of him, this time with four towers that show the number of players required to stand in them. These towers will be in every inter-cardinal direction. The raid party will need to define who will stand where, and where they will move (clockwise or counterclockwise).

While these towers happen, there will be baits that players will need to take care of. One Nidhogg clone will have a tankbuster, but the original Nidhogg will also have a tankbuster. After that and the towers, Nidhogg will do a few extra auto-attacks, which the main tank should take care of.

Now is the time for players to melt down Nidhogg''s health, or otherwise they will wipe his anger. Players will immediately stack and prepare for the next phase of the fight.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PS4, and 5.