How The Scream Films Arguably Support The Fandom Concept

How The Scream Films Arguably Support The Fandom Concept ...

The Scream franchise is definitely for horror fans. Regardless of whether Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) is sharing the easiest ways to die in a scary film or a packed audience is enjoying the Stab film in Scream 2. More than ever, Scream (2022) has also discussed fandom as this is the reason why the Ghostface killers have started their murder spree.

It''s interesting to think about how fans are depicted and discussed in all five Scream movies, and this definitely sets the franchise apart from others.

In every film, the Scream slasher genre includes fandom, and it''s always as engaging as it is frightening and entertaining. Various characters want to be famous and have admirable viewers who follow their every move and care about them, especially when Gale breaks a big story. It''s only when the franchise continues, that Gale manifests her heart, convictions, and compassion, proofing that wanting a large fan base isn''t the most important thing in life.

Scream 4 is a great way to see people, especially those who want to have fans. There are many Scream characters who want to know their names, faces, and why they wanted to kill people. Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) in Scream 4 is looking for publicity.

In the most obvious way of all of the films, Amber Freeman (Mikey Madison) admits why she wanted to be Ghostface: to get Gale, Dewey Riley, and Sidney Prescott to return because they''re "legacy characters." Another advantage of Amber''s partner Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid) is that people "don''t take fans seriously" and that films can aide people through their lives.

Amber and Richie believe that they would choose to create a sequel and get credit for what they have created. They have been watching the Stab movies for years and they so much that they wanted to be known as the people who created some real life havoc. This proves how far they have taken their pride in Stab. Amber and Richie are examples of individuals who are so talented that they just desire to be involved in something. However, no one should commit some terrible crimes in the process.

Randy Meeks and Jenna Ortega''s "elevated horror" fan Tara Carpenter are people who show that being a fan can be a positive thing... but there are still challenges. In Scream, Randy loves doing videos and explaining what he''s looking for. However, as Randy learns, sometimes scary things happen in life and knowledge will not get him out of every bad situation. As he does get killed by Ghostface in Scream 2, he wants to.

Tara responds to requests from followers for detailed, clever horror stories and is self-aware about difficult topics. Tara shows how effective and capable she is during battle against Ghostface in the first scene, recovering from her severe pains in the hospital while still striving to defeat them.

It''s possible that being a fan has helped Randy and Tara hide from life a bit and not really participate. Randy seems to be having some friends, but no one too closes to him, and he often is on the outskirts at school, lessening or reconnecting with them. Tara also challenges her older sister in her life, and she regrets her encounter with a new Ghostface when he sees them.

Since fandom is a significant component of the Scream (and the Stab) world, it appears probable that this concept will come up again in Scream 6 (and beyond, if there are any more films). It will be interesting to see how the idea will be used next.