How To Defeat The Estuary Lamech Boss In Rogue Legacy 2

How To Defeat The Estuary Lamech Boss In Rogue Legacy 2 ...

Cellar Door Games'' Rogue Legacy 2 was developed for the first time in Early Access in August 2020, before being available for immediate download in April 2022. The game''s 87 Metascore on Xbox Series X/S and 90 Metascore on PC are well-received.

Rogue Legacy 2 can be extraordinarily difficult during times, according to Estuary Lamech, the game''s first boss. Here are a few tips and strategies for those who need to get a seat.

Where To Find Estuary Lamech

If players are able to defeat Estuary Lamech first, it''s useful to find him.

There is no set path to finding Rogue Legacy 2. Besides, players still have to work out how to get inside, as the doors are initially locked.

Players will be given two pages of text to open the door if the aura simply says, "You hear a thousand whispers, but you cannot make out a voice." The Aesop''s Tome Heirloom is required to complete a mini-dungeon hidden in the procedurally created world.

Players will be able to quickly spin kick the two torches in time, but they will not light the two torches in half in advance. This time the Ananke''s Shawl Heirloom will allow them to dash. Once the dash capability has been unlocked, they will be able to open the doors with ease.

What is the use of Estuary Lamech, and how to keep it from apocalypse?

Fortunately, Estuary Lamech has only six initiatives to be concerned about.

Tips For Defeating Estuary Lamech

Estuary Lamech is a great player, with a large health pool and his attacks, which will reassure some players that they are unleveled. However, while Estuary Lamech''s attacks are hard-hitting, they are highly telegraphed. Consequently, players should be patient in the fight and avoid trying to combat fire with fire. It''s a good idea to keep an eye on his attack patterns before learning them all.

The simple answer is that players should choose whichever class they''re most comfortable with. However, ranged classes should be avoided due to how quickly Estuary Lamech moves, as players gain a window of opportunity to withdraw their bow and gain 15 mana for doing so. The Valkyrie is a great option for the fight, as players can deflect the boss''s attacks in many directions and gain significant leverage. This is especially true in a case when players will constantly be on the move.

Finally, don''t panic when he reaches half health. Although his attacks will become more powerful, the patterns don''t change, so keep focus on his attacks'' generous warnings and counter-attacks when necessary.

The Rogue Legacy 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.