A Apex Legends player has discovered the Newcastle Ultimate Counter accidentally

A Apex Legends player has discovered the Newcastle Ultimate Counter accidentally ...

Season 13 has finally arrived in Apex Legends, known as Saviors, with a new level of new content for players including a reworked Ranked system that adds tier demotions, entry cost adjustments and more. The Storm Point map has also been updated with this release, including a new Point of Interest location, a washable sea creature encounter, and a new PvE feature called IMC Armories at four locations around the map.

The newest roster addition for Apex Legends Season 13 is Newcastle. Born to be the brother of Bangalore, Newcastle is a defensive character capable of protecting his teammates with a mobile shield as well as his ultimate move called the Castle Wall. When activated, Newcastle leaps forward toward an area or ally, killing his shield to create a fortified stronghold.

While it may seem overwhelming, one Apex Legends player has found a very straightforward counter to Newcastle''s Castle Wall ultimate. In a new post on the Apex Legends subReddit, a user known as Car0nix attempted to use Castle Wall when in a firefight with another squad. A friend of Newcastle came out of their animation and prevented the Castle Wall from being built at any time.

Naturally, this left the team completely exposed and at the mercy of the enemy squad who quickly picked off each member. Several commenters on the Apex Legends post were surprised by this fact, although some said that if each new Legend gets added, the development process for developers likely becomes much harder due to concerns that could be made. One eagle-eyed commenter even suspected an AI Prowler enemy had an impact, which left the ultimate feeling suspended after colliding with Newcastle and the Black Hole showing up half a second

Season 13 has proved to be a popular game with fans. Although Apex Legends has maintained its previous player record on Steam, Apex Legends has reached 410,000 concurrent players, including the arrival of Saviors and Newcastle.

Apex Legends is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a mobile release coming to the market on May 17.