Bird Eats It Out of Hands of the IRL Twitch Streamer

Bird Eats It Out of Hands of the IRL Twitch Streamer ...

IRL Twitch streams are a diverse sub-category of streamers on Twitch, mainly because there are times when there''s really nothing going. On the other hand, these streamers can on occasion have unusual incidents captured on Twitch, such as one of the latest events where a bird snatched a lunch from a performer on the fly.

A Polish "In Real Life" Twitch streamer that uses AikoiEmil''s name tends to gain his views because that most of his IRL streams have quite a nice view. Most recently, he''s put out more than a few streams where he''s been hanging out near a shoreline just by the ocean. However, he''s not the only one who believes that.

AikoiEmil is seen sitting on a stone bench enjoying a meal by the ocean while chatting with his followers on Twitch. Things begin to take a turn as a large bird is seen in the area, apparently looking for its own lunch. As the streamer approached the area, a bird is seen swooping down and quickly snatching the food out of his hand.

Because this particular incident wasn''t as serious as the time when an IRL Twitch streamer had their phone stolen right on stream, those watching the incident with the bird immediately began posting just how funny the incident was. During this time, the streamer appeared to be worried that his lunch would be in the stomach of the bird rather than his own.

Compared to some other streamers, the clip was pretty tame. There have been a number of IRL clips that show some of the Twitch streamers encounter some shoddy situations. Some of these instances seem to be intentional, but other times it''s been out of their control.

More than a few streamers have been convinced that this type of performance isn''t for them. However, Emiru once explained she would never do it because it is too easy for followers to discover where they are and come to harass them. Taking that into account, it appears that AikoiEmil was just getting harassed by a hungry bird.