In Series Regular Role, Ken Jeong Joins The Afterparty Season 2

In Series Regular Role, Ken Jeong Joins The Afterparty Season 2 ...

Ken Jeong has joined up for Season 2 of Apple TV Plus'' The Afterparty, and he''ll be in some solid company. The second season of the creative murder mystery comedy already has a pretty stacked cast with several returning characters, and the addition of talent like Jeong can only add to the excitement.

The Afterparty season 2 features Jeong as the latest player of many, but it appears as though he was deemed significant enough to receive his own proclamation. Given the nature of the Apple TV Plus series, the majority of them will likely not appear in any likely subsequent seasons following this one, therefore Jeong''s casting may be a threat or a strike.

According to Deadline, Jeong will join returning stars Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, and Zoe Chao as Detective Danner, Aniq, and Zoe. However, aside from the returning faces, Jeong will feature among other Elizabeth Perkins, Paul Walter Hauser, Poppy Liu, Anna Konkle, Jack Whitehall, and Vivian Wu. The new Afterparty season 2 characters and setting have already been revealed, with the new mystery expected for a wedding.

Because of his love for comedy, Chris Miller, who will split duties with Anthony King for season 2, appears to be pretty adept at making the best of his actors along with his frequent collaborator Phil Lord. So there shouldn''t be any worries there. They''ve both produced The Mitchells and the Machines.

The Afterparty''s first episode revealed Haddish''s detective Danner''s attempt to solve a murder that took place during a high school reunion. The gimmick was that every episode was told from a different perspective and even in a musical genre. Richardson''s Aniq gave his testimony as if it was a romantic comedy while Ben Schwartz''s Yasper turned his time into a musical episode. The audience remained humble enough to discern the truth.

Season 2 should offer more of the same in that regard, but with new twists thanks to the new cast members and setting. Here''s hoping new animation legends Lord and Miller keep up that always calming touch that dominates their projects, because creative new shows like The Afterparty always merit the spotlight.

Season 1 of Afterparty is now available on Apple TV Plus.