In Minecraft, a YouTuber creates a strogy/crissy road game

In Minecraft, a YouTuber creates a strogy/crissy road game ...

Minecraft has been neglected as one of the most successful IPs in the gaming industry over the past 10 years. Given that it is a game that has sold hundreds of millions of copies, its success is hardly surprising, and much of the popularity stems from the community itself. Many talented individuals create some really interesting contraptions and builds, and sometimes people go beyond and make a whole other game completely.

Mysticat, a YouTuber, has done this by taking Minecraft and constructing their own version of Frogger, or the mobile release Crossy Road, to make it a more contemporary reference. Using a few command blocks, the reimagining sees players, in this case other YouTubers, working to make it from one end to the other, while avoiding being run over by cars and trains, and also jumping across floating logs, similar to the source material.

This film is a pretty fun looking adaptation, and the footage shows that it is quite tricky. Perhaps the most engaging part of this project is that it demonstrates a previous video that Mysticat achieved. It didn''t quite do the risk of doing it quite the justice it requires. The creator of this video has demonstrated that he has the ability to employ commands and analyse ideas to successfully achieve their objective.

Given that Frogger is a basic yet addictive video game, with its origins dating back to the early 1980s, the idea of recreated it in Minecraft may seem obvious. However, the YouTuber had to create a separate video which explains how they developed a drivable automobile. On top of that, they also created their own version of Pac-Man recently, which is sure to have the experience to perform complex tasks.

As for the game itself, Minecraft will have the Wild update as of yet. It''s unclear whether or not the official release date for the game is yet yet, but fans will not be able to wait. There is still a lot of content to it, which is already a game with a lot to see and do. No doubt Mysticat will continue to make some interesting things, but it remains to be seen what ideas they will conjure up next.

Minecraft is available on mobile phones, tablets, tablets, and computers.