5 Overrated Horror Films from the 2000s

5 Overrated Horror Films from the 2000s ...

The 2000s marked a remarkable time for horror films, including The Strangers (2008), Drag Me To Hell (2009), The Descent (2005), The Ring (2002), and the start of the Final Destination franchise.

Some fantastic scary films from this decade, but some have received a lot of attention, even though some films may not be as good as people say. From a movie with a large twist to the beginning of a beloved franchise, these 2000s horror movies may not be as appealing.

While May isn''t a classic that is constantly discussed, it does well with critics who liked Angela Bettis'' performance as May Canady. At first, May seems odd but is now attempting to function. Before too long, it becomes clear that May is a really depressed person. In the end, May takes the parts of the other people she has murdered and creates a "friend" of her own.

While the film is focused on themes like loneliness, which gives it a lot of value, it is far from an elevated horror film that is too hazy to be really interesting to watch. There are a few exceptions to the film, however.

Many Boy Meets World fans were horrified to watch Rider Strong in Cabin Fever and Eli Roth''s 2002 horror film, but the film isn''t terrible, yet it was popular enough to lead to a remake in 2016. The remake was disappointing at the box office.

While the idea that college students be infected with a flesh-eating virus is frightening, and the location of a cabin in nature appears to be a great horror movie setting, the film also feels one-note. There isn''t a lot to get excited about here as the characters feel like regular ones who are in any horror movie, which makes it tougher to really want them to survive this ordeal.

Some famous horror movies are overrated, and it may be argued that the first Saw film falls into that category. Saw is a popular horror film based on James Wan and is popular, as well as fans who like the plot of discovering who the Jigsaw murderer is.

It''s possible to say that the franchise is chock full of violence and torture without having enough plot or narrative to interest people. As Jigsaw plays with people and decides whether or not they will live or die, there is a main character named Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell), who plays alongside others. Some horror enthusiasts may prefer more traditional and traditional slashers.

My Bloody Valentine (2009) is not only one of the worst horror films, but also an overrated film from the 2000s. This film is quite popular as fans like the storyline of a town who was killed by a mining accident. Even spectators like watching Jensen Ackles play the villain.

My Bloody Valentine isn''t a powerful villain, fantastic character development, or a sense of humor. Although it isn''t the most critically acclaimed horror film ever made, it appears often in discussions of simple entertaining films that don''t take much effort to enjoy.

The film Orphan is a pretty popular film with parents expressing their love for Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), a young girl who appears quite creepy but has maybe just had a difficult life. When Esther''s adoptive parents discover that she isn''t a child at all, they learn that she is not a child. Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard play the parents.

While some people believe this is a contemporary plot twist, others say it was lame and possible to guess, making this a contender for an overrated horror movie from the 2000s. There are several other films with more surprising moments. Orphan is a bit bleak.