7 Community Ships With Genshin Impact

7 Community Ships With Genshin Impact ...

The Genshin Impact community loves to make their own ships between different characters. Shipping in a fandom involves a close relationship, although the term ship is now more flexible, which means a friendly relationship.

The Genshin Impact community ship is no different. Some are considered as romantic relationships, while others are simply paired for their intimacy. There are even some ships that exist for the meme.

7 Jean + Diluc

As the first chapter of the Archon Quest in Mondstadt, Jean + Diluc is likely to be the first ships aboard Genshin Impact. Jean is the acting great master of the Knights of Favonius, while Diluc was a knight himself. Both Jean and Diluc even had a tortoise when they were younger!

All these connections make the community more appreciative of their connections. Not to mention how homogenous they are in terms of personality, making the pair even more appealing.

6 Kujou Sara + Arataki Itto

The shenanigans between Kujou Sara and Arataki Itto began when the Shogun General defeated Arataki Itto in a duel and confiscated his Geo Vision. It is no surprise that the Tengu beat the Oni as the Youkai is known for its unbeatable speed and remarkable mastery of some weapons. Kujou Sara also defeated Kaedehara Kazuha''s friend in a duel in front of the throne.

Arataki Itto has never met Kujou Sara ever again, nearly preying her for a rematch. This is causing a lot of annoyance for both Kujou Sara and some residents in Inazuma. Some people, however, consider this little conflict quite awful. For example, the Sly Fox and Yae Miko have actually allowed Arataki Itto to postpone some messages on a public board just for her own daily dose of fun.

5 Albedo + Sucrose

Sucrose is Albedo''s assistant, the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. She excels in Albedo for his knowledge and strives to gain some insight. In Albedo''s video, it is clearly evident that Sucrose is concerned and adamant about the Chalk Prince.

It''s difficult to imagine Albedo having something of a romantic connection to anyone. Nevertheless, some fans are prohibited from creating fanworks that showcase the two as a pair.

4 Ningguang + Beidou

Beidou and Ningguang are some sort of partners, as Ningguang sometimes hires Beidou to perform some of her dark work. In fact, she even stated that the amount of fines the Pirate Captain paid was substantial enough to purchase a whole new ship.

The friendship between Ningguang and Beidou is the reason why the community is so connected. There are also several benefits that these two may gain along sometimes, for example, in their relationship in the Lantern Rite Genshin.

3 Chongyun + Xingqiu

Chongyun and Xingqiu are both popular in Genshin Impact. Unlike other lovers, Xingqiu is likely to be funny at a large variety of events. However, Xingqiu''s anti-women approach makes them happy. So the Hydro wielder would often set up pranks for Chongyun. Unfortunately, for the Exorcist, he''s too naive to catch the incident on time.

In one of Chongyun''s voice lines, he said to the Traveler that if the protagonist ever was pranked by Xingqiu, they should make a Victims of the Xingqiu alliance, declaring that there is a lot of work to be done.

2 Qiqi + Hu Tao

Hu Tao''s story in the Qiqi and Hu Tao songs states that she intends to bury the little zombie. The Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Director said it''s unnatural for Qiqi to still live, so she would assist the zombie move on from this world.

When Hu Tao arrives, Qiqi realizes that the zombie can easily flee.

1 Lumine + Childe

Childe''s kindness towards the Traveler, especially Lumine, has made the two one of the most popular ships among the fanbase. When it comes to Childe + Lumine''s fanworks, they prefer the same format of Aether being jealous in the background.

Although Childe is somewhat a villain in Genshin Impact, he said that once he''s done serving the Tsaritsa, he would love to be the protagonist''s travel companion. This makes the fans feel confident that the Harbinger will soon switch sides and be the Travelers friends for real.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A switch version is in development.