Review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 2

Review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 2 ...

The first entry into the Star Trek franchise that has been ongoing for decades, and it''s been clear from the jump that the new series is trying to return to the franchise roots. While some of the attempts to do that have been uneven, it appears to be looking to find a way to navigate its own path.

Anson Mount appears to be working with the MCU and is now ready to travel through space as Captain Pike. However, this particular version of Pike is still around before fans of the film will learn more about it. In fact, the second episode of Strange New Worlds featured a lot of focus on the beginning.

Nyota Uhura, the most popular character in the Star Trek trilogy, is still alive, although there was not a lot of knowledge about her. The original series did not really know how to look around in her life before she was on the bridge with Captain Kirk, so Strange New Worlds has now given them the ability to do that.

While the original Lieutenant Uhura had a few boundaries over the years, there was still some mystery as to where she came from and what she was doing before she became the character that everyone knew. Quite a bit of this episode focuses on the young Uhura as she discussed where she came from and why she''s ended up where she is now. Certainly the fact that Celia Rose Gooding is a great actress, but the program also has done a fantastic job of making her seem like she might be a younger

It''s common that Gooding is able to walk that tight rope quicker than others have already been able to do so. Even when there are new additions to the ship, the veterans of the group are encouraged to be happy.

For more than one reason, the show focused on her backstory. It was also focused on adding depth to the character in the hear and now. In the process, the show demonstrates that the young Uhura has since really earned her position with Star Fleet and on the Enterprise. In fact, in this particular episode, the crew might have been blown off the map.

The idea of a comet in a far more primitive world that does not have space travel capabilities is on the verge of being devastated. It turns out that the civilization will attempt to force them away and it will be forced to intervene. It''s also possible that the comet has a force shield around it and that wasn''t the only thing that went wrong. It''s also possible that there was a proponent of the Enterprise, and it was still quite a bit more powerful.

While the new Star Trek programs have been perceived as somewhat more militaristic than the original and even The Next Generation when it comes to their challenges. Several fans have expressed their displeasure that the programs have taken on more of a Star Wars touch to them rather than using diplomacy and futuristic technology to solve the numerous problems they often encounter.

While the premise of being more militaristic is that even if Star Fleet doesn''t want to go to war, the people they run up against do. However, Strange New Worlds seems to have found a way to make it clear that violence is going to be an absolute last resort. That might imply that it was quite hokey if it wasn''t done the way way so far. However, so far, the show has actually been quite good about ignoring the need to shoot off its blasters at another ship in anger

Every Thursday on Paramount Plus, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is aired.