Nvidia GPUs are bringing Linux to an end

Nvidia GPUs are bringing Linux to an end ...

Despite the delays, both AMD and Nvidia products are still offering additional hardware, and it''s now fitting that team green is moving into more open-source territories for the first time.

Nvidia has recently released some open-source GPU kernel modules for use in Linux-based operating systems. According to a recent blog post, it represents a "significant step" towards improving team green''s graphics cards with ease. According to a report from PC Gamer, users might often stick with Nvidia''s "proprietary drivers."

This is a good news for those who prefer Linux operating systems to Windows while also looking for some gaming. AMD''s turf, which already has an open-source policy on graphics cards, but its competitive FidelityFX Super Resolution, is expected to be higher.

A recent leak has suggested that Nvidia''s next flagship GPU could include 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM on a 21 Gbps memory clock. That would be on the same level as the previous RTX 3090 Ti, which is the world''s most powerful card. However, supply vs. demand is still a concern for the industry and the surrounding community.

With Intel''s CEO saying the chip shortages might continue until 2024, things may not be much better, even if prices continue to fall. In general, the choice for Nvidia to begin using Linux is no doubt a good sign, boosting support for those who use its products on non-Windows computers.