Fans of Zack Snyder claimed that their bots were used to win the fan favorite award at the Oscars

Fans of Zack Snyder claimed that their bots were used to win the fan favorite award at the Oscars ...

The 94th Academy Awards included a fair amount of unsettling surprises, but a new report has unveiled some foul play about Zack Snyder''s Justice League and Army of the Dead in two of the new award categories.

The 94th Academy Awards saw the brand-new categories ahead of this year''s awards ceremony to combat hugely disappointing ratings. It averaged its lowest viewership ever in 2021, with 9.8 million viewers, and praised these new categories and other elements to bring back joy. For the first time, Twitter users voted for their favorite film in the "Fan Favorite" category and their favorite movie moment in the "Cheer Moment."

Snyder was awarded the "Fan Favorite" vote for his film Army of the Dead, while Zack Snyder''s Justice League won the "Cheer Moment" vote for The Flash''s exceptional run through the Speed Force. According to The Wrap, the two categories of "Fan Favorite" and "Cheer Moment" may have been rigged in favor of Zack Snyder. A study suggests that automated web comments were the most active contributors to both voting campaigns.

Snyder and his colleagues have yet to comment on the findings, while the Academy is treading their ground, highlighting the changes made to ensure votes were accurate and fair. However, these new fan favorite Oscars categories may be brought back for the next award ceremony, depending on whether or not further findings may be made. Those new categories were heavily debated prior to the awards ceremony due to their veiled intention to include some notable projects in the telecast.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was the most successful film of 2021 and single-handedly reignited the pandemic-affected domestic and international box office. While the Marvel Studios and Sony film have gained $1.8 billion across the globe, it was only able to enlist one Oscar nomination in the Best Visual Effect category. However, the plan sparked, as the web-slinging hero slipped in the fourth place.

Due to their lack of relevance and connection to everyday moviegoers, the Academy Awards in 2022 went somewhat higher than the previous year. Despite this, the Academy is still showing the second-lowest ratings in history. A rigged voting system isn''t a recipe for increasing viewership, particularly when it robs audiences of a voice they believed to have. It''ll be interesting to see how things progress later on the road.

HBO Max has released Zack Snyder''s Justice League.