Why Does Newcastle, According to Apex Legends, End Up a Middle of the Road Character?

Why Does Newcastle, According to Apex Legends, End Up a Middle of the Road Character? ...

The weather has fallen for the next Apex Legends season, and there are still a few weeks to go until game changer metas are effective, while players learn more about the IMC Armories and loot pool changes in practice. Newcastle is also at the top of the list.

A new character has a high pick rate at the start of every season. It is very common right now to see an Apex Legends team with a Newcastle, as well as his Castle Walls planted in previous battlefields.

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Apart from his popularity, Newcastle''s release differs in a variety of ways from characters like Seer and Ash. Their popularity was perhaps threefold, and they quickly gained an even greater potential in the meta. Seer, for example, was drastically adjusted post-release, while many players called for Ash to be nerfed too. Respawn has a tendency to release legends strong and then reign them in, but Newcastle falls outside this typical pattern.

Even if Newcastle''s abilities fall on the weaker end of the ability pool, it''s useful for reviving and saving teammates, but his tactical aids teams in accelerating and reducing getting too broken or quick about it, and his Castle Wall can quickly alter the fight flow without absolutely breaking Newcastle, his friends, or other people. While his abilities are superior than others, they aren''t as good as others.

Newcastle''s current standing in the meta is somewhat down the road as a result. It''s certainly malleable at this point, but as pick rates settle, it will be interesting to see how many players will pick Newcastle over other defensive/support legends such as Gibraltar or Lifeline. What he does have going for him, at least, are excellent capabilities and exceptional lore.

The pick rates in Newcastle continue to rise, and while the exact pick rates are not clear until now, it seems safe to say that Newcastle is up there with them. In a few weeks, he might be able to fall behind the pack, but he does not feel like a top-tier character. For now, supporters will have to wait and see how everything works out.

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