An Elden Ring fan spends 75 hours drawing from a jaw-dropping Malenia

An Elden Ring fan spends 75 hours drawing from a jaw-dropping Malenia ...

Elden Ring has become a major hit for FromSoftware, which has quickly become one of the studio''s best-selling games and has received widespread, near-universal recognition. As a result, Elden Ring''s incredible popularity has encouraged its fans to create all kinds of fan art and other ideas in honor of the open world epic. Like one piece of incredible art recently shared by Reddit user OmarvinG94.

Elden Ring fan art, according to OmarvinG94, has spent 75 hours creating the honor of Prof. Malenia, who is known for being one of the most difficult bosses in the entire game. This unusual piece of art highlights Malenia as she appears in various stages of the boss fight and elsewhere, as well as Easter eggs for eagle-eyed readers.

Malenia is shown many times in the piece, with both her first and second phases represented. Miquella, a character who does not appear in Elden Ring proper, is shown at the very top of the drawing, although Miquella may appear in the drawing. This is why Miquella, who plays the "egg," is so lucky to have a role in the drawing.

One of the most-hidden but most-interesting features in the drawing is that it also includes what appears to be Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her player, also known as "Jarnished" because they wear a jar on their head. Jarnished, an Elden Ring player, has made it their mission to kill Malenia more than 1,000 times at this point and has become a celebrity in the community as a result.

The artists who want to see OmarvinG94''s treatment of Jarnished can see them on the bottom right of the piece''s center, just beneath Malenia''s hand. Those who look elsewhere will see some other fun Easter eggs and references, which all add up to make this one of the most spectacular Elden Ring fan art that has been used in the past.

Elden Ring fans may soon get some new characters to inspire their art. There are rumors that FromSoftware is working on an Elden Ring DLC expansion, but there have been no official details at the time of this writing.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.