The Genshin Impact Creator Reveals a New Game

The Genshin Impact Creator Reveals a New Game ...

MiHoYo, now known as HoYoverse, has recently become a major name in the gaming industry since the release of its breakout hit, Genshin Impact. It is an online gacha RPG that has been viewed on the internet, and where it has gained considerable critical and commercial acclaim in the last few years. This brings to a head with the company expanding its scope beyond Genshin Impact to other games such as the recently announced Zenless Zone Zero.

This is a brand-new IP from HoYoverse that isn''t related to any previous franchises that the company has produced. Zenless Zone Zero was discussed earlier this month, with a website that would allow fans to interact with the game the following week. It included a news report that detailed this event as a "sub-hollow" with a purple dome swallowing a city. The developer has finally unveiled what kind of game it is, including its playable character and tone.

This trailer demonstrates off that unlike Genshin Impact, this game will be taken place inside a more modern and urban area. All characters in the game are wearing various fashionable streetwear, mixed with cybernetic weaponry and accessories. This ranges from human characters wielding swords, guns, and hammers to a bear who is taking on a threat that is invading the city.

Zone Zero appears to be a mixture of a hack-and-slash action-RPG and a third-person shooter. Each character gives a unique playstyle that matches a wide range of players. The game''s official website indicates that the player is living a "dual-life" of sorts, with one identity in the streets with the other as a "proxy" to combat these enemies. Moreover, players will be "uncovering a conspiracy" as the game progresses with the

On its official website, players who want to see what HoYoverse''s new IP can enter for the closed beta''s "tuning test." It notes that this beta will only be available for PC and iOS at this time, with other platforms being expanded later. More information about this game and its beta test can be found here.

The PC and iOS version of Zenless Zone Zero is in development.