A Dark Souls player builds a risidiculous strength

A Dark Souls player builds a risidiculous strength ...

One of the reasons why FromSoftware''s Dark Souls games are so popular is because they give players freedom when it comes to their characters. This lends itself to a wide range of different play styles. In Dark Souls and other games, the goal is to develop with a character that has a high damage output and ability to use heavy weapons, something players can achieve by spending points improving the Strength stat.

Most Dark Souls players will want to spend their points on three specific statistics or so, otherwise the character might be the jack of all trades and master of none. It''s not a good idea to spend all points in a single stat, but that''s exactly what Motherofbaby has done, bringing their character to 35 with 40 Strength and 11 points in all other categories.

Motherofbaby posted their comments on Reddit on the Dark Souls, declaring that they were having difficulties defeating Ornstein and Smough. However, the boss fight with Ornstein and Smough is considered to be one of the most challenging fights in the game, although it is also more challenging in rocking a build that focuses exclusively on Strength, according to one user. Motherofbaby claims this is their case, but eventually managed to defeat Ornstein and Smough with it.

Motherofbaby shared more information about their Dark Souls Strength build, claiming that they used shortcuts and other tricks to reach Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo relatively quickly. It''s still an impressive feat nonetheless. It will be interesting to see if they decide to share a progress report when they reach the end of the game, and how their stats may be changed from this initial post.

Spending Dark Souls souls on a single stat is not a great strategy, but it allows the game to get involved in this game, which is likely to match Motherofbaby''s style with this particular build and run. Players of Dark Souls are challenged to compete with the game and its bosses in a variety of different ways, whether it''s through strange builds like this one or by using unconventional input techniques. In fact, some Dark Souls players have even managed to defeat Ornstein and Smough by

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