Incredible Combat Stats from the Horizon Forbidden West are revealed

Incredible Combat Stats from the Horizon Forbidden West are revealed ...

Horizon Forbidden West has only been out for three months and has already racked up impressive statistics from a supportive player-base. At the end of April, Guerrilla Games shared that players had flown 41 million km, traveled 54 million km on mounts, and swam more 28 million km, demonstrating how dynamic traversal is in Horizon Forbidden West.

One particular creature is a common force, one being incredibly distressing, and the other being a non-antagonistic mammal that is part of the wildlife fauna. Today, Horizon Forbidden West''s most recent statistics have been shared in relation to combat.

Aloy escapes and strikes multiple Burrowers before she enters the Thunderjaw and freezes it. The edit then shows a peccary in the distance as it sees the Thunderjaw''s massive AoE air strike and runs off. These numbers indicate how many players are active in Horizon Forbidden West''s unique combat.

With a staggering number of peccaries killed, it''s safe to assume that a majority of players have completed many pouch upgrades, which require many wildlife resources such as bones and hides to wear. Burrowers are often found in previous areas of Horizon Forbidden West''s open-world, and they are one of the most difficult machines to incapacitate, yet a number as huge as 274 million is reasonable if not still impressive.

Thunderjaws are more frequently found in the map, wedged right in Tenakth territory. Despite the fact that 13 million have already been defeated in Horizon Forbidden West, it is no small feat. Moreover, Horizon Forbidden West now includes several other ferocious and significant machines in its brand-new environments and biomes, which help to uniquely identify the sequel in its second and third acts.

These combat statistics are expected to increase even more as months go by. However, the statistics are already impressive for a so long time after the launch, and continue to demonstrate the benefits that Horizon Forbidden West has had as an action-RPG, particularly if it is exclusive to PlayStation.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PS4 and PS5.