A Fallout 4 fan has created a replica pipe revolver

A Fallout 4 fan has created a replica pipe revolver ...

Bethesda Softworks is well-known for producing powerful weapons from the Elder Scrolls franchise to the post-apokalyptic Fallout universe, and fans often create their own versions to hang on their mantle. One Fallout 4 player has created a physical replica of one of the game''s basic guns by handcrafting a pipe weapon from Fallout 4.

Air_addict, a Reddit user, recently posted two photos of their Fallout 4 Pipe Revolver replica, one with an open-handed side view, and the other with a goal setting. In Fallout 4, the weapon appears to be stacked with random materials rather than some of the most powerful firearms in the game. The fan-made gun is well-designed to look significantly like the Pipe Revolver.

Air_addict''s Pipe Revolver has an identical color scheme to that used in Fallout 4, with multiple shades of brown on the cylinder and the most of the gun''s body, and black electrical tape wrapped around the grip. Similar to the Fallout 4, Air_addict''s pistol is capable of holding up to six rounds, but it is usually concealed in the middle of the weapon, but it usually shoots.45 ammo, but it isn''t effective.

This Fallout 4 fan has stated that the Pipe Revolver replica is mostly made of PLA plastic, which was then polished down and painted to reflect the in-game item. Similar to other Fallout replicas, Air_addict said that the knife that takes up a lot of the space is "fixed in place." The gun is not simply a prop, according to an air button.

Although the Pipe weapons in Fallout 4 are difficult to handle, Air_addict revealed that the tape on the handle helps effectively grip the revolver. One Fallout 4 fan noted how impressive the Bethesda Softworks weapon design is with the minimalist weaponry as the Pipe Revolver in the game appears to be made of pipes, wood, rubber, screws, nuts, and other readily available scrap materials. Other Fallout supporters have revealed the possibility that such rustic guns would explode in someone''s hand, although Air_addict

Fallout 4 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.