Doctor Strange in the Game is made in Final Fantasy 14

Doctor Strange in the Game is made in Final Fantasy 14 ...

Final Fantasy 14 may not have the most extensive character creator in the world of MMOs, nor does it have the most intricate of dye systems, but what the game does have is a creative community capable to work within and beyond these limitations, either within the context of the glamour system or even going so far as to install unofficial cosmetic mods.

Cosplaying as diverse pop-culture characters has long been a staple in Etheirys, such as the time when a Final Fantasy 14 player dressed up as Colonel Sanders showed up randomly all over Eorzea alongside his feathered nemesis. In between female Roegadyn players who use their best techniques to mimic Super Mario''s titular protagonist, there is a lot of imagination.

A recent and entirely new example is the cosplay of Doctor Strange created by michaeljeff2, a Redditor who shared his outfit with the Final Fantasy 14 community on Reddit. The glamour is displayed on a Hyur (human) character, and the active role is no doubt to maximize the immersion of Strange reading spells from the Book of the Vishanti. Sage and Summoner seem to be excellent alternatives for players wanting to follow the cosplay in a different direction.

The outfit is comprised of two key pieces: the Clown Boots from All Saints Wake''s Final Fantasy 14 and the Cape of Happiness the go-to choice for Hobbit cosplays crafted from Cloth of Happiness, a material that drops from Endwalker''s treasure maps as a result. However, many players struggle to store the items in their glamour dresser without going beyond its capacity.

The newest version of Endwalker includes five additional glamour plates, but what players might really utilize is a new range of glamour dresser slots. Thankfully, this is planned for a future content patch, and the current expectation is that 6.2 will double the amount of slots from 400 to 800. Until then, players will need to rely on retainers to keep their less used items of clothing. An understandably tedious process, and an unfortunate fact that holds back the whole potential of Final Fantasy 14''s glamour system.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.