How Horizon Forbidden West Integrates Egyptian Mythology, Not Just Greek Mythology

How Horizon Forbidden West Integrates Egyptian Mythology, Not Just Greek Mythology ...

When it comes to genres and influences, Guerrilla Games Horizon Forbidden West is a melting pot. Everything from high-fantasy themes and visuals to near-future robots and science-fiction tropes is all blended together within the action-RPG. Even aspects of the real-worlds ancient mythologies and religions emerge from time-to-time during Aloys'' quest to save the biosphere.

Horizon Forbidden West has been seen as an interesting feature, as its footprints tend to be somewhat more subtle, but ancient Egyptian mythology has also been a major part of Guerrilla Games'' vision. So, users of the PS4 and PS5 titles may be surprised to learn how deep the connection goes.

Dr. Elisabet Sobeck

Out of all the world''s mythologies that Guerrilla Games has successfully included in the Horizon Forbidden West, Dr. Elisabet Sobeck''s surname is arguably the most prominent. Almost every aspect of Aloy and Betas genetic ancestors characterization is linked in some way to Earth''s ancient past. However, Sobeck is intended to invoke Sobek, the Egyptian god.

Although Sobek is often depicted in ancient Egyptian mythology as a male crocodile, the key traits of the character still apply to Elisabet. Despite its significance as a commander in power and fertility, the Zero Dawn project, which is in part designed to repopulate the Earth, has been very successful.

The fact that Elisabet is also a reference to the Hebrew word Elisheva strengthens the connection between the character, the ancient world, and the concept of fertility. Elisheva, for example, was also believed to have been buried in the Tomb of the Matriarchs at the Zero Dawn facility where the world was reborn.

It may be noted that Elisabet''s finest achievement is directly related to ancient Egypt, although the likes of GAIA and her subordinate functions are evident references to Greek and Roman mythology. Although the concept behind Zero Dawn is actually quite similar in nature, many observers believe that life was reborn after the apocalypse has been a popular myth.

Ted Faro

The connection to ancient Egyptian history does not stop with the Elisabet or the Zero Dawn project, because one of the games villains has arguably been influenced by the present, according to Guerrilla Games. It might be more obvious when it is said out loud, but Faro is a Pharaoh. The word used to describe the ancient Greeks toward the end of the religions prominence.

Ted Faro was perhaps inspired by his own surname while combating against the Faro Plagues in Egypt. Each of the three Chariot class machines that escaped with the Faro Plagues'' all-life destruction was named Scarabs back in Ted''s heyday. Even more back in ancient Egypt, scarabs were beetle shaped pieces of jewelry.

At the age of 21, the larger Deathbringers featured in Horizon Zero Dawns story were designated as Khopesh by Faro Automated Solutions during the 21st century. In ancient Egypt, however, the Khopeshes were sickle-shaped swords used in combats and by the ruling classes until 1300 BC. Despite their appearance, Horus was a deity known for self-heal and combining his followers in an identical manner.

Horizons Egyptian Locations

The Forbidden West, beyond the occasional character-based reference to ancient Egyptian mythology, has been shaped by the religion. Even though many of its stories had been recorded in the Western Highlands, where the sun set every night and the dead were believed to roam. This suggests the similarities are subtle, yet deliberate.

Thebes'' bunker, which combines Egyptian mythology on a more practical level, was a prosperous mining city. For starters, the Faros titular plague effectively stripped the planet of all of its resources. However, the comparisons on the Guerrilla Games'' part are appropriate. Beyond being conceptually designed like a pyramid, the bunker is also stocked with artifacts from the previous.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and Xbox 5.