The One Thing Vegeta Could Be Better Than Goku in Dragon Ball

The One Thing Vegeta Could Be Better Than Goku in Dragon Ball ...

Goku and Vegeta start out as mortal enemies, but slowly their relationship blossoms into a brotherly bond, unified by their Saiyan roots. Fatherhood rewards both young men and has one of them providing hope to seek for. Priorities must be established, with the ultimatum bouncing down to family or fighting.

With Saiyan''s blood urging both warriors towards combat, it seemed that the outcome would manifestly focus on violence, and child-rearing would inevitably be left to the women. However, only one Z-Fighter overcomes his baser urge to fight to be with his family, demonstrating some of Dragon Ball''s most significant character development.

Goku & Gohan

Son Gohan is the golden child, having received the most attention from Goku, although this father-son relationship might be described as somewhat troubling, given Gohan''s constant disregard for his brutal aggression. Despite his stubbornness and shaky attitude, Goku must instead get his son to Kame House for his training, which Chi-Chi only allows after Gohan attains four years old.

Raditz takes Goku over the moon and kidnaps his nephew in order to enlist Goku into the fight. Although Piccolo is still Gohan''s ultimate role model, the two quickly break into one another. Gohan, however, is reluctant to accept the prospect of returning to combat once more.

Goku & Goten

Goku''s second son, Goten, is seven years old when he first eyes on his father during his battle in the Cell Games Saga. Although his death was honorable, many observers think that he might have returned to Earth for one day, even for his family''s sake, but also so that he could compete in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku took the "out of sight, out of mind" mindset while training, never before asking King Kai for information on his future health and happiness.

Goten is still learning to fly like his mother, according to numerous studies, even though he realizes that no one had taught him to fly. At his age, Gohan is considered to be significantly stronger than his brother, and the lad is likely to be an unstoppable force today. Not to say that he is a weakling, but Goku has really dropped the ball by empowering Goten to fulfill his potential.

Vegeta & Trunks

Vegeta had not been the best father to his firstborn as he continued to prioritize defense over his friends, supported by his Saiyan attitude. Although, Vegeta''s friendship with Bulma may have been a result of a lack of incentive to end their constant disagreements. However, the two bonded after the Cell Games, and became eventually wed. It''s up to Vegeta to get rid of Trunks and Bulma all (including his precious pride).

Trunks was well-loved as a kid, but was not spoilt when it came to his training. Tucked away away from combat abilities, Trunks and Vegeta quickly became a bonding force for his young son, and he has sacrificed everything to help his son''s development.

Vegeta & Bulla

The Saiyan Prince was so pleased with the prospect of a baby daughter, that he already agreed to name Eschalot before her birth, to honor their Saiyan roots. Much to his delight, Bulma interjected her mother''s authority, and baby Bulla joined their family instead. In the Baby Saga, Vegeta is seen driving his daughter around town, and the car is almost overflowing. Quality time with the kids is evidently the main goal for this once combat-orientated villain.

And the Award Goes To...

When it comes to their fighting passion, Goku and Vegeta are two sides of the same coin. However, their priorities are hugely unbalanced. While both strive to become the strongest Saiyans and protect those they love, Vegeta is not willing to sacrifice the bond he has with his children in order to fulfill it. Although quality time is still vital for Goku and his son''s children to survive the war.

Fans cannot deny that both fathers have given their lives to save their loved ones. However, Vegeta sacrificed opportunities to excel for the sake of his children, with little thought pointing to those who had been left behind. If viewers returned to Dragon Ball Z, they would have never imagined that Earth''s greatest hero would become the one to win the title of Dead Beat Dad.