Anthony Mackie joins Stephanie Beatriz in the Twisted Metal Series

Anthony Mackie joins Stephanie Beatriz in the Twisted Metal Series ...

Twisted Metal''s streaming series has remained unchanged, with another one of its stars on board. Peacock is also putting together a series based on the original game, which has just added actress Stephanie Beatriz to the cast.

Since the Fox comedy series came to an end, the Brooklyn Nine-nine actress has experienced a resurgence in her career. After starring as a hard-boiled detective with the heart of gold in the police-procedural comedy, she took on the role of Mirabel in Encanto. Now she has joined the growing cast list of the Twisted Metal series, which previously named Anthony Mackie as one of its big stars.

According to Deadline, Beatriz will play Quiet, a ferocious car thief who acts strictly on instinct. Her character is said to be unstoppable in the same way that a manhole cover cannot stop a volcano. Among the ways she can''t be stopped is when she''s seeking revenge for the community that forced her into silence. It''s during this vendetta that she meets and collaborates with the mysterious John Doe.

Mackie is attempting to make their way across the landscape while facing marauders in dangerous vehicles that they say they will kill.

The creator of Cobra Kai, Michael Jonathan Smith, and Kitao Sakurai have both been regular episodes of The Eric Andre Show and Bad Trip. He''s also directed two episodes of Dave''s FX comedy series and one episode of BJ Novak''s The Premise.

The Twisted Metal series was given the go-ahead for Peacock. Although Mackie was one of the first people to have the project, upgrades have been made since the beginning of this year, including naming the audience. The Fallout adaptation is coming to Amazon Prime, and HBO is also putting together a live-action adaptation of The Last of Us.

Peacock is in a state of the art development of Twisted Metal.