Shadowmere Rests in a Peculiar Location in Strange Skyrim Clip

Shadowmere Rests in a Peculiar Location in Strange Skyrim Clip ...

Skyrim has been released on several platforms over the years, with each launch being accompanied by bugs and glitches that have become familiar to fans of the developer. One Skyrim player recently happened across their horse laying in a strange position as it seizes on a ledge.

Kel6y, a Reddit user, posted a video of their encounter with Skyrim in which she reportedly attempted to enter the Mage College of Winterhold, which is located on the Northeastern coast of Skyrim. Instead of leaving Shadowmere near the base of the stairs up to the College of Winterhold, the player seemingly led the horse through a narrow path until it wouldn''t continue anymore. This causes the dark horse to behave strangely once the player dismounts. The front ones rest on the waist-

Kel6y''s video starts with Shadowmere sitting on two feet and kicks the other two into some snow atop a nearby wall. The black horse then shakes its mane of snow which continues to fall from the sky in most northern areas in Skyrim, such as Dawnstar or Windhelm. The player then blinks its red eyes slowly, seeing them for a brief moment.

Among the titles in the Elder Scrolls franchise, there are a variety of guilds, each of whom offer their own unique rewards. Shadowmere can be acquired through completing quests for the Skyrim assassination guild known as the Dark Brotherhood until a member of the guild rewards the player with the powerful horse. The dark horse''s major health pool is one of the primary draws to becoming the steed even more aided in combat.

Shadowmere appears to be demonstrating the Dragonborn''s demands in the video as it dismantles and blocks the way forward. Others claim that Shadowmere isn''t interested in the Mage college because of its lack of magic-wielding and connection to the Dark Brotherhood. However, the Skyrim player may mount and move it in order to return to Winterhold.

Skyrim is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.