Video games tend to depict worlds of happiness and evil. Currently, audiences prefer their television and movie titles to be in areas of moral grayness. However, video game characters are quite different, because they embody the player''s actions and, in some instances, their entire personality.

Many video game characters inhabit righteous or optimistic personalities. These characters are intended to serve as foils to their respective players or even their games'' antagonists. Depending on how you play, these characters may result in certain situations.

10 Cuphead

Cuphead is known for its hand-drawn animation, mimicking the aesthetic of the Golden Age of Animation. As such, players control two charismatic protagonists: Cuphead and Mugman, recognizable by their friendly smiles.

Cuphead and Mugman are playing in the Devil''s Casino in the opening cinematic of Cuphead. They aim to make a bet with the Devil himself, which subsequently costs them their souls. Because of their optimistic gambling strategy, the pair is able to recuperate their souls from various debtors.

9 Gregg Lee

Night in the Woods is a unique adventure game set on the mind of a depressed young adult named Mae quills navigate her hometown after she was dropped out of college. Because Mae''s breakthroughs eventually reveal the darkness of this town. Along the way, she''s joined by her long-time friends.

Gregg, who is a fan of Mae''s return, is sure to delight players early on. However, spending more time with him will reveal his traumatic past, including the time he spent with his abusive uncle. It''s no wonder that someone as cheery as Gregg has grown up into a serial killer.

8 Papyrus

All of the characters in the hit indie game Undertale have evolved into iconography of video game culture. The game involves players traversing an underground world with gameplay similar to Earthbound. However, players'' ability to kill or spare their opponents will dramatically alter the outcome of the game''s story.

Papyrus, a jolly skeleton wearing a scarf and armor, is considered among the fans of Undertale. Even if players decide to kill Papyrus in their story route, the flamboyance and optimism are enthralled.

7 Tingle

Tingle was first introduced in the Legend of Zelda franchise under Majora''s Mask, a Nintendo 64 character. Oddly enough, Tingle is far from the strangest character Link encounters in Termina''s land. Players will quickly learn through talking with Tingle that he believes he is the reincarnation of a Fairy and becoming friendly with Link.

Tingle''s oblivious optimism remains a major feature in his future appearances. In The Wind Waker, Link first encounters Tingle in a jail cell on Windfall Island. It''s unclear what landed Tingle in the first place, but freeing the wannabe fairy will grant Link a Tingle Tuner, which players may use to purchase items.

6 Tom Nook

The Animal Crossing franchise is among Nintendo''s finest IPs. That''s even the case with Tom Nook, one of the series'' most famous figures. Every Animal Crossing game finds players being introduced to their new home by Tom Nook, who is polite and optimistic, although this might be a front for a darker interior.

One of the only real goals of any Animal Crossing game is to pay off the debt they made from getting a house from Nook. In the original GameCube title, this debt involved even players having to work for Tom Nook for a short period. Overall, it''s easy to see that Nook''s attitude does not match his business deals.

5 Phoenix Wright

When your job involves trusting your clients, it''s difficult to be optimistic. Phoenix Wright, the protagonist of the Ace Attorney series, has demonstrated his skill in a variety of situations. In the first interview, Wright, a rookie lawyer, gained an undefeated reputation as a result of his sheer belief in his clients.

Wright is infamously barred after presenting false evidence in his defense of his client, a magician named Zak Gramarye. Despite this case of forged evidence, Wright was unable to prove this until many years later.

4 Pit

Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of the most popular Nintendo titles on the 3DS, and it also helped with revitalizing the long-dormant franchise. Pit is also known for his love, strength, and heroism in Uprising.

Unfortunately, the army Palutena earns in Uprising does not well serve someone as optimistic as Pit. Along the way, he encounters trickster gods like Thanatos, cruel forces of evil like Hades, and even gods who despise humans. At one point in the story, Pit almost kills, though the hero luckily prevails.

3 Tracer

Overwatch''s cavalcade of characters covers the entire spectrum of personalities. Tracer, for one, is one of the game''s most popular characters, owing to her bright and chipper personality. This British pilot is one of the game''s most challenging-to-fight Damage heroes, as she can utilize time travel to rewind her most recent moves.

Tracer''s success as a fighter pilot was fueled by an accident. Back then, she was known as Lena Oxton, who became the shining face of Overwatch''s experimental flight program. Unfortunately, an accident forced her molecules to desynchronize from the flow of time, resulting in her gaining the ability to "blink."

2 Sora

Sora is a vital character in every Kingdom Hearts title, making him a top-tier video game character of all time. This is mostly because of his ability to discern light and hope in his quest to find King Mickey. However, this optimism has also led him to ongoing problems.

Sora''s bravery manifests itself in blind action, constantly risking himself and his teammates Donald and Goofy. However, his heroism always seems to help him find his path. Even when he lost his friends in a fight with Riku, Sora quickly recovered from his depression and regained his desire.

1 Mario

Mario is recognized as one of the most famous video game features of all time. Of course, one doesn''t become the mascot for Nintendo''s entire business by being miserable and difficult. Mario is a shining example of a hero who always rises to the occasion no matter what villain or monster strikes the stadium.

Mario''s adventures often involve him in a few difficulties. For example, his failure to rescue Peach in Super Mario Galaxy is a source of escape. Even titles such as Super Mario Odyssey discover Mario on a seemingly endless quest, even though he never fails to adventure.