Sega Games That Are Not Remastering or Remakes

Sega Games That Are Not Remastering or Remakes ...

There are currently nearly every major business returning classic titles with a fresh coat of paint. Sony had the Demon''s Souls remake, Nintendo released Super Mario 3D All Stars, and Capcom has remade Resident Evil 2. SEGA is a large name in the business, with a library of games dating back to the late 80s. Despite this, the company has yet to make as much of a push for these kinds of games as much as its competition.

This isn''t because SEGA wasn''t having enough content, as that couldn''t be further from the truth. SEGA, if its true wanted to, has plenty of material to dive back on and re-release for modern audience. Here are a few SEGA games that merit a remake or remaster.

Captain America: Super Soldier

Most of the Phase One movies were later released with tie-in video games. Although the games for Iron Man and Thor were extremely poor, Cap came out on top with a surprising action adventure title. While nothing revolutionary, the combat was fun and the story was engaging, so a remaster for modern consoles would enable them to witness this underrated gem.

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol is an action RPG developed by Obsidian, the same studio that would then develop popular titles such as The Outer Worlds. The game was initially initially considered challenging but was a bit rough around the edges, something that a remaster or remake might assist alleviate. However, although SEGA previously published the game, Microsoft now owns Obsidian. If a deal is reached, fans would certainly want a comeback.

Binary Domain

Binary Domain, which was founded by the same team responsible for the Yakuza franchise, is one of the games that just came and went when it launched in 2012, and featuring a third person shooting similar to those seen in Gears of War. For this reason, Binary Domain did not get an audience, and it would have a second chance on modern consoles.

Alien: Isolation

After the disastrous launch of Aliens: Colonial Marines, expectations for a superior video game based on the Alien franchise were all but erased. However, Alien: Isolation managed to perfectly capture the palpable sense of tension and dread that was discovered in the original film. However, a remaster for modern platforms would be a welcome purchase from SEGA. The improved hardware and advancement made with 3D audio would only prolong this challenging experience.

Jet Set Radio

SEGA''s final release into home consoles was the Dreamcast, which had its impact and legacy on the industry, but was ultimately short-lived. However, the platform did have a substantial share of great games, with Jet Set Radio becoming one of them. Following in the footsteps of some of the previous extreme sports games, such as Tony Hawk''s Pro Skater. Modern technology may create an even more beautiful environment.


The original Shenmue remastered in an HD collection that was first released in 2018, but it was still essentially the same game as the 1999 one. This was however possible, but a proper remake from the ground up would be a spectacular showcase to say the least. The original Shenmue sparked new ground in interactive storytelling and visual effects, so it might be appropriate for a remake to accomplish the same thing.

Sonic Adventure

SEGA cannot be mentioned without revealing its pride and joy, Sonic the Hedgehog. Recently, the blue blur has been on the roll, including two successful big screen appearances and the excellent Sonic Mania. At the time, it was a sensation, but it has shown some age over the years, with occasional clunky controls and some awkward visuals. These are minor issues that can easily be addressed with a modern update to this classic SEGA game.