FLCL's 8 Most Weirdest Moments

FLCL's 8 Most Weirdest Moments ...

FLCL, or Fooly Cooly, is one of the most popular anime of all time. It''s hard to sum up the plot, but here''s all of them. Naota is a middle schooler with a lot of anxieties. He doesn''t feel like he can live up to his brother who left Japan to play baseball in the United States.

Naota was treated like a normal until an alien girl, Haruko, took him over with her Vespa, and made a strange lump appear. This lump turned into a multitude of things because it was secretly a gateway to the universe. It''s possible that some anime enthusiasts can get pulled through. There are a few surprises ahead.

8 Naotas Head

Naotas head has to be the strangest thing in the anime from the start-up. He is struck with Harukos Vespa, and is presumed dead but is restored anyway. After that, he gets a strange bump on his forehead which starts to burst at the end of the episode. Two robots cone out of it. One enemy and the other would eventually become Naotas pal, Canti. This list is nothing if Naota having a portal to another dimension in

7 Going Full Manga

FLCL has a lot of potential. Naota finds his assailant eating food with his father and grandpa in the first episode. Not only that, the scene is transformed as a manga. There is so much interaction inside the dialogue and panels that fans may still discover things decades later. This is done in the finale as well.

6 Naotas Relationship With Women

FLCL is a popular anime that is strangest. That is, however, beneath the massive robots and alien invaders is a story about a young adolescent boy trying to escape this chaotic world.

Naota has three lovers interests in the program: Mamimi, the former girlfriend of Naota''s brother. He loves him as well as Ninamori, who is in his class. Naota feels the same, but Haruko, the much older woman, is constantly toying with every man she meets. She is also an alien. No one ever said love was simple.

5 People Disappearing

In episode two, there is an early scene in which Naota is chastising his father, Kamon, for using Canti publicly. Naota believes that robots arent a normal thing for a bread shop to have. As Kamon is defending his reasoning, random individuals keep walking past their shop and disappearing. Itsn''t a story tool to highlight time passing.

Everything is happening in real-time. These people just pop out of existence like Thanos snapped his fingers. It''s funny but it is never explained as well as many other things in the anime.

4 Canti Eating Naoto

Canti''s arrival out of the Naota head was strange, but the relationship with Canti has become even worse in episode two. This powers Canti up and shows the audience, for the first time, that there is a sort of symbiotic connection between the two. After the battle Canti runs out into a field and passes Naota like a bowel movement.

Naota appears to be a soft-served turd, and everyone around him says he stinks. That''s an insult to injury. In a nutshell, the kid just got eaten, digested, and pooped out in a matter of minutes. That''s anime in a book.

3 Amaraos Eyebrows

Commander Amarao starts the scene in episode four. At first, he tries to pass himself as a customer at the Naotas family bread shop. However, it soon becomes clear that he is following Haruko and is part of a bigger organization. The most distinctive thing about him is his enormous eyebrows.

After a long period of time, characters are saying those eyebrows. It''s important to remember that when they fall off his head at the end of the episode, Amarao gives Naota a set of giga eyebrows. It''s hard to say what the joke here is. In episode 6, the eyebrows may be weird for the sake of being odd for an anime or it may be a Japanese thing.

2 Kamon The Robot

In episode four, Haruko is constantly easing Naota. She is flaunting her affection for Kamon. Kamon is also acting a lot stranger. It turns out that this version of Kamon was a robot. It turns out that this version of Kamon was unintentionally populated with a baseball bat. Baseball is a common theme in FLCL.

He thought this was his true father. He was so jealous of Kamon''s dealings with Haruko that Naota would have killed him. Finally, toward the end, he discovers his real father in a closet, looking like a mummy. That must have been a day for poor Naotas worries.

1 FLCL Goes South Park

Episode five of FLCL might be the best episode. It is action-packed for an anime and has a lot of programming still in it. For example, there is a scene involving Amarao getting a haircut. The animation style starts to look like South Park, and Amarao even starts to sound like he is a character in the show.

These two examples are the only times when the animation in FLCL changes. South Park was huge at this point, therefore it is not that surprising to see it referenced in this anime. Both are quite odd cartoons.