Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: 5 Classic Activision Games

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: 5 Classic Activision Games ...

The Cold War adaptation of Call of Duty''s Black Ops series drew a lot of attention, leaving behind several new characters, as well as a larger plot to break into. Much like the original game''s predecessor, the players enjoyed the possibilities of its setting. It included historical figures and a classic rock soundtrack, whereas the Ronald Reagan performed a few more steps.

Activision, the official publisher of the Call of Duty series, was founded in 1979 and the Cold War fades a few years later. During this level, Bell and Frank Woods stumble into what appears to be an arcade (actually part of a Spetznatz training course), complete with Pat Benatar''s "Hit Me with Your Best Shot," which they are playable! Bell can disregard the much greater challenge of acquiring intelligence on a dangerous terrorist plot to undermine Europe while receiving witty commentary.

5 Fishing Derby (1980)

Fishing Derby was one of the first games Activision produced, and seeing them performing something similar to Call of Duty is hardly acceptable. The premise is quite self-explanatory, where two fishermen compete to catch a large amount of fish. Each row has different weights, the ultimate goal being to catch 90 pounds.

Players cast their line and try to reel in the fish. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Except there is a shark that swims back and forth between both docks that will try to catch and eat any fish caught by the players. The first person to reach 90 pounds of fish wins!

4 Grand Prix (1982)

Players looking for formula 1 racing experience had to do with Activision''s Grand Prix. It was a racing game that takes a top-down perspective, with the player crashing a car along a straight line. The car can then move from side to side, but it is also possible to speed up and slow down as quickly as possible. There were four tracks that looked quite similar, but had a few limitations.

However, despite the appearance of a racing game, the player does not actually compete against other racers. Instead, the "competitors" are hazards to avoid, and crashing into other cars reduces speed. The actual aim is to get the best time possible for finishing the track. The Atari was a massive hit and well-received in its day.

3 River Raid (1982)

In an unidentified war, a jet pilot climbs along a straight river and can be moved left or right. The objective of this vaguely air force-themed game is to achieve points by smashing enemy vehicles, but it is quite a challenge.

The player must keep an eye on their gasoline, which can be used from nearby petrol stations along the river, but they are also easy to pick up by mistake. The other advantage is that the player must avoid crashing, which can easily occur by either flying into the map or flying into an enemy before they can be cleared. Failure causes the jet to plummet.

2 Pitfall (1982)

This old game has become something of a classic, becoming the first in a series of side-scrolling adventures and even inspiring a short-lived animated series. Players control a man described as "Pitfall Harry," who is faced with the challenge of navigating a dangerous jungle filled with obstacles in search of treasure.

Typically, the most famous part of the game is to climb out and turn over pits by jumping at just the right moment to grab a vine and swing across. Many of the problems are lethal.

1 Kaboom! (1983)

Avalanche, an arcade game, was first introduced in 1978, and the player slid a series of paddles down the screen, making them more difficult to fall one by one. The approach was straightforward but challenging, as the players would not fall if they missed it. Among these examples, included the airport-themed Lost Luggage, the chicken/egg-themed Chicken and Eggomania, and Activision''s Kaboom.

The basic gameplay was similar to Avalanche, with the player controlling objects that are used to detect falling projectiles in order to score scores. The big improvement is the game today being about a "mad bomber" who tries to punch enemies with increasing speed. Although all bombs are thrown out of the game, failure to catch one will result in the title Kaboom.