Problems with bots are addressed in Lost Ark

Problems with bots are addressed in Lost Ark ...

The developers of Lost Ark have just made a statement in an official newsletter about the game''s bot situation and how they intend to deal with it. This comes as many Lost Ark players are evidently dissatisfied with the increase of bots that have dragged the game''s community.

Lost Ark was first released in South Korea in February, but received a publishing deal with Amazon Games, resulting in a significant success for the action-RPG genre. The game has consistently maintained the top five most played titles on Steam every day, putting the game at the top, with 1.3 million concurrent players. As a free-to-play game with an addictive Diablo-style loot system, a vast world to explore, and a powerful character build system, it has able to draw millions of gamers for

One of the greatest disadvantages to the free-to-play model is the ease at which bots may be used to manipulate the game''s systems. The developer has taken measures to ensure that a large number of individuals have been banned for bot use, although some say that it will not misplace real players for bots. VPNs have also been banned, a potentially harmful approach that will prevent people from circumventing IP restrictions for harmful reasons.

It''s an extremely difficult task to achieve a free game with this high popularity. It''s a delicate balancing process, which allows players to hurt without hurting, and requires considerable effort to implement systems like Captcha, and two-factor authentication. For the time being, the game''s developers have their attention cut out as they focus on improving its Easy Anti-Cheat program and its own native measures.

Although Lost Ark has had extensive content updates, it''s equally important to focus on the gameplay that affects the community. Bots are a common flaw to players, which can also severe the effects of intense inflation and flooding the market with currency earned through botting. Lost Ark clearly has a long route ahead as it seeks to resolve this problem.

Lost Ark is now available on PC.