Final Fantasy: 5 Games With the Best Cover Art

Final Fantasy: 5 Games With the Best Cover Art ...

Cover art for the Final Fantasy franchise has substantially evolved over the last 35 years. The series'' beginnings have ultra-simplistic covers for Final Fantasy 2, and have expanded into the stunning hand-drawn works that characterize games like Final Fantasy 6, and has expanded into the most recent covers that rely on rendered 3D graphics like Final Fantasy 15.

Since virtually every main series Final Fantasy game has at least one additional cover (for different release regions) and the franchise itself has a slew of different spin-off titles, there are currently over 100 different covers to choose from when considering the best Final Fantasy covers. These games, though, have some of the best designs.

5 Final Fantasy 7

After playing Final Fantasy 7, the cover was a breeze, but even when the game was first released, before Cloud Strife became a household name, the visual of Cloud using the Shinra building is stunning, and the design choices here are interesting on their own. To offset the eye-popping white background with Mako-inspired turquoise accents, this cover is very easy to ignore.

It''s probably cheating to include artwork inside the case, but the depiction of Sephiroth walking through a wall of flames on the right inlay completes the package. This contrast Sephiroth''s image is visually stunning, while the front cover is mostly white and blue-green. This makes the character appear immediately curious as to who this mysterious Sephiroth character was.

4 Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 3, the Super Famicom version, which was later released as Final Fantasy 6, got a much better cover. The Super Famicom version outlined the steampunk, dystopian visual that informs the game, and informed fans immediately that this was going to be a completely different experience than previous Final Fantasy titles.

Terra Branford, who plays Magitek in Final Fantasy 6, has shown off her armor while she looks out over the city of Vector. The drawing reveals all of the features that made Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano so popular among fans: a whimsical yet intense look inspired by Japanese woodblock prints.

3 Final Fantasy 11 Ultimate Edition

Final Fantasy 11 may have more covers than there are atoms in the universe. Each expansion, and more covers each, each have at least one cover, and there are also covers for different regions and their respective expansion variants. Final Fantasy 11 has more covers than any other Final Fantasy title.

The best is Japan''s cover for Final Fantasy 11 Vana''diel Collection 2, which included the initial game and four additions that were previously available, but a close second is given to the cover of the more recent collection, named Final Fantasy 11 Seekers Edition, which also adds to the fifth expansion, Seekers of Adoulin. Final Fantasy 14 might be added to the original MMORPG.

2 Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10 is a fantastic cover, revealing just a shot of Tidus standing, fully clothed in the water. Despite its impressive color scheme, Final Fantasy 10 shows off the massive increase in game executions between Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 10.

Square Enix''s manual would be more convenient to use as the cover rather than the actual cover for this list. Final Fantasy 10 does the same job as highlighting the game''s graph improvements than its predecessors, but the book also depicts Tidus and Yuna, one of the most popular pairings in Final Fantasy.

1 Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy 14 has just become one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market today. As it continues to expand its story with extensions like Endwalker, the game shows no signs of slowing down. During its initial reboot, Final Fantasy 14 came out with a pair of iconic covers that are up there with any in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy 14 was once again reimagined using a Yoshitaka Amano cover on the box that has been built there with his first work. It was astonishing, immediately visible, and everything it needed was. The cover for the game itself was equally incredible, displaying a massive party involved in the fight against Diamond Weapon. It reflected a renewed interest in Final Fantasy 14 and provided caution.