Overwatch 2's Beta Update Is Forgiving Sojourn and Baptiste and Gives Mercy a New Way

Overwatch 2's Beta Update Is Forgiving Sojourn and Baptiste and Gives Mercy a New Way ...

Blizzard''s ongoing closed beta for Overwatch 2 continues, although it will come to an end later this week. However, it has been designed to gain confidence by offering quick updates and feedback. That''s what is being done in Overwatch 2''s next update, which helps Mercy not only improves its kit, but also balances Sojourn and Baptiste.

Mercy''s changes to Mercy are particularly interesting. Not every Mercy player may be aware of this feature, but the support character has a unique interaction in the game called the Super Jump. Mercy players are interested in seeing the ability close to flying high into the air, implying that Mercy is more versatile to use than Mercy''s usual jump. Blizzard is satisfied that Mercy has the ability, and has decided to make it simpler to users rather than something just for experienced players. Using crouch during Guardian Angel will now cancel it and

Funnily enough, it appears like Blizzard did not correct the initial problem with Mercy''s Super Jump before adding in the new functionality. Overwatch 2 players now leap three times higher than previously. There are also some flaws in the patch.

The change amounted to substantial changes to both Baptiste and Sojourn to improve the two underutilized characters. Baptiste''s healing was intended for advancements. The Regenerative Burst now has 50 health, boosting her Railgun concentration from 13 to 15 shots per second, and her Railgun ammo from 40 to 45.

The adjustments to Sojourn might drastically shake up Overwatch 2''s current meta. The rate of fire adjustment may significantly increase her overall damage, according to the anticipated update.

It''s unclear if this will be Overwatch 2''s last beta update before it closes next Tuesday, but it appears likely. Updates have been coming on Thursday each week, and there are no additional Thursdays left, barring the beta''s extension. What follows remains to be seen.

The closed beta of Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, but it requires a request.