Nintendo claims it won't repeat Wii U mistakes with a Switch successor

Nintendo claims it won't repeat Wii U mistakes with a Switch successor ...

Nintendo has served as a hallmark publisher and one of the most recognizable video game studios in existence. With a range of features, the studio has made a significant amount of influence over the gaming world. However, it appears the company is taking steps to avoid repeating these errors.

The Wii U was quickly out of use with the Nintendo Switch until five years after its initial launch. Although the reasons for the Wii U''s failure vary wildly, Nintendo is certain of them, and according to the studio''s president, future hardware will be constructed with those mistakes in mind.

Shuntaro Furukawa, the president of Nintendo, said during a financial briefing that the studio intends to release new hardware, and that the transition to next-gen hardware would be "as smooth as possible." When it came to the Wii U, and by extension from the Nintendo to the 3DS, there were certainly a number of significant differences.

Furukawa did not outright confirm the development of any new gaming hardware, but it is certainly nice to know that Nintendo is becoming somewhat more tactful in terms of releasing new technology. For many handheld gamers, the Nintendo 3DS was a somewhat fun system, but the 3D design caused a lot of problems during its early days, and was not really used to much effect in most other games.

While Furukawa stated that Nintendo is "focusing on long-term relationships with (its) consumers," there have been many instances of failure of Nintendo hardware. Despite the success the studio has benefited from other ventures and systems, the Switch may continue to support the less successful consoles in the future, though.

On the back of any case, it will be interesting to see what Nintendo hardware will do in the future. It appears unlikely that any new hardware will be released anytime soon, but it is possible that Nintendo might release a different version of the Nintendo Switch similar to the Nintendo Switch OLED in the coming months.